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Do not move! These are the 5 Best Heroes for Counter Julian Mobile Legends

Julian is one of the strongest Fighter heroes today who has extraordinary abilities. This hero has a very deadly ability thanks to the skills he has. So don't be surprised if this hero is often a subscription to tires at Legend Rank and above.

Although deadly, in fact, this hero is still quite easy to beat. Well, for those of you who often have trouble when dealing with Julian, here are we, which summarizes some of the best heroes to counter Julian in Mobile Legends.

Mandatory Use! This is the Best Hero for Counter Julian Mobile Legends

For those of you who want to own these heroes, make sure to top up the Mobile Legends diamond first, okay?

Because to have the following heroes, you are required to exchange Battle Points or Diamond Mobile Legends.

1. Chou

The first hero you can use to counter Julian is Chou. This Hero Fighter is indeed famous for its excellent Crowd Control abilities. With his skills, Chou was able to stop Julian's movement.

Moreover, Chou is one of the best Initiator heroes in Mobile Legends, so he can easily dive into the opponent's line of defense to kidnap Julian's hero. If you have been hit by Chou's ultimate skill, you can be sure Julian will be killed.

2. Eudora

One of Julian's weaknesses is that he is vulnerable to Crowd Control effects. Well, one of the Mage heroes who have very good Crowd Control abilities is Eudora. This hero is able to finish off Julian quickly because Eudora has a very painful Burst Damage.

Especially if you use the right Eudora build, it is certain that Julian will not be able to move in front of Eudora. Eudora can kill Julian with just one combo.

3. Kaja

One of the abilities of Kaja is the Suppress effect which cannot be avoided by the opponent with any skill or spell. Well, with these skills or abilities, you can rely on Kaja to counter Julian Mobile Legends.

The skill you can rely on to deal with Julian is Divine Judgment. By using this skill, you can kidnap Julian to be killed together with team members.

4. Natalia

Even though Julian is deadly, in fact this hero has a very thin HP. Well, one of the best heroes to overcome heroes with thin HP is Natalia. Natalia herself is an Assassin hero who has extraordinary abilities.

He can quickly disappear, then appear and deal deadly damage to Julian. Especially if you use the right Natalia build, then Julian can be killed with just a few attacks.

5. Franco

One of the best Tank heroes you can count on to counter Julian Mobile Legends is Franco. Franco himself has Iron Hook and Bloody Hunt skills which allow him to lock Julian's movements easily.

With Franco, Julian will find it difficult to make attacking moves. Because Franco could have canceled all his skill combos.

Well, those are some of the best heroes to counter Julian Mobile Legends. Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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