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Do not move! Counter Lylia Mobile Legends Use These 5 Best Heroes!

Lylia is one of the strongest Mage heroes in Mobile Legends who have extraordinary abilities. This hero has a very high Magic Damage ability and can cause a very annoying Slow effect.

Even so, this hero is still very easy to beat. One of them is to use the hero counter Lylia Mobile Legends, which we summarize below.

Best Hero for Counter Lylia Mobile Legends

To have the following heroes, make sure you top up the Mobile Legends diamond first, okay? Because to have these heroes, you have to exchange a number of Battle Points or Diamonds.

1. Chou

Chou is one of the first best heroes that you can use to counter Lylia Mobile Legends. Chou has a very good Crowd Control skill that can be used to overcome Lylia's movements.

This Hero Fighter can indeed be the best choice to overcome Lylia. Chou's anti-CC skill can also be used to avoid Lylia's Slow effect.

2. Franco

The next best hero you can use to counter Lylia is Franco. This Hero Tank does have a great ability to overcome Lylia's movements.

You can use Franco's Iron Hook and Bloodyhunt skills to limit Lylia's movement. With the ability of Franco, it will be easy for you and your teammates to finish off Lylia.

3. Kaja

Kaja is one of the right heroes to overcome Lylia in the game. That's because Kaja has the ability to kidnap enemy heroes, including Lylia.

Utilizing his Divine Judgment skill, you can capture Lylia for a teammate to finish off. Especially if you use the right Kaja build , it will make Lylia die right away.

4. Saber

The next hero that you can use to counter Lylia Mobile Legends is Saber. This Hero Assassin does have a good disable ability to stop Lylia's movement.

With the support of the right Saber build , Lylia can be killed instantly when hit by a combo skill from Saber.

5. Akai

As we know, Lylia is a hero with quite agile mobility. Therefore, Akai can be the best hero to fight him.

Akai has a Crowd Control skill which is very annoying, even Lylia will find it difficult to face Akai.

Those are some of the best hero recommendations that you can use to counter Lylia Mobile Legends. How? Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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