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Dev. Crytek Says PlayStation 5 Is Better Than Xbox Series X!

Developers at Crytek say PlayStation 5 is better than Xbox Series X

Now Console Game Fans can’t wait for the presence of the two new Sony and Microsoft consoles, namely the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Previously, the specifications of the two Next-Gen Consoles were also announced with a number of hardware and feature enhancements.

Talking about these two consoles, of course, many gamers are curious about which console is better between the two. Well, recently, one of the rendering engineers from Crytek, Ali Salehi, gave his opinion about the two next-gen consoles.

In his interview with VigiatoAli said that he prefers the PlayStation 5 because the console has many advantages that the Xbox Series X does not have.

“As a programmer, I would say the PS5 is much better. Maybe you can’t find other programmers who can mention one advantage that the Xbox Series X has compared to the PS5,” said Ali.

Ali also added that developing games on the PlayStation 5 is simpler and developers can also take advantage of the console to its full potential. This makes coding in PS5 game development easier to get the most out of.

But he also emphasized that it was only his opinion as a programmer at Crytek and it would certainly be different from what you gamers feel when playing the game later. So, let’s just wait, pal GameZeRO The presence of the two consoles at the end of 2022.

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