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Description of Defense Damaged Items in Mobile Legends

To strengthen the heroes in  Mobile Legends,  you can increase your level and use items with high stats. This time there is an Item Defense Damaged Mobile Legends (ML). Many items that you can use in Mobile Legends are quite confusing. But with this item, can make tankers quite sick when they are around the damaged dealer.

Each item in Mobile Legends increases different stats for you to use. Some increase damage and some increase your defense

Defense items are one of the groups of equipment items  in Mobile Legends,  this item is specially made for  Tank heroes who require high durability and a large amount of  HP  . Even so, not all defense items serve to strengthen durability.

Then, by looking at the release of the new hero Julian, which will soon be released, therefore you must know how to get the Raven Emblem in Mobile Legends  , it feels very interesting for you to know. Because with some of these existing events, they will give you a good Ultimate prize and you should try it yourself right now.

Here are the Defense Damaged Mobile Legends (ML) Items you can try. Many players still don't understand the stats of the item, and make the hero less effective to use.

Item Defense Berdamage Mobile Legends (ML)

Tank is the Role with the highest defense, after the latest patches, the tank now has enough offense. Therefore, currently there are a lot of tankers that shine again and enter Meta. Indeed they will be strong in the early game because the base damage is quite high. In addition to base damage, they also rely on items that can add attributes as well. The following are the items used:

Blade Armor

Blade Armor will provide a fairly high and good defense and offense. This defense item makes enemies who attack you get damage from their own attacks by 25% of the damage you receive from the attacker. In defense you will get Crit Damage Reduction and for Offense you will give damage and slow the enemy when it hits you.

Cursed Helmet

Next is the Cursed Helmet, this item will give magic damage to nearby enemies. Enemies around you will be exposed to magical damage that is scaled from the enemy's blood. In addition, this item can also help clear minions faster

Thunder Belt

Next is Thunder Belt, when you use a skill, the next basic attack will cause a damage area with a slow effect. Damage generated is true damage.

Twilight Armor

Every 2 seconds, your attack will generate Bonus magic damage. Even though it's short, this item is quite effective in providing this additional damage. This item can also be anti-burst which makes you unable to get more than 900 points of damage, with a cooldown of 4 seconds.

That's a brief explanation of defense items that have sufficient damage. The item is indeed situational according to the conditions in the In-game. You also have to know Tips for making items in Mobile Legends .

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