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Deadly Weapons in PUBG Mobile!

There are many choices of weapons in the PUBG Mobile game. Of course, these weapons can be obtained from the results of looting different locations.

The weapons also have their respective advantages and disadvantages to fight enemies ranging from distance, damage and accuracy. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with choosing a weapon.

Here’s a list of deadly weapons in PUBG Mobile!

1. Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM)


Who doesn’t know this sniper? The AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) weapon can only be obtained when the player picks up an Air Drop. Sniper AWM has 120 points of damage.

This sniper is able to defeat the enemy with one shot in the head even though wearing a level 3 helmet, or wearing a level 3 military vest. AWM can be relied on when the enemy is 500 M of course equipped with scope X6 and scope X8

2. Assault Rifle Groza


Groza is the best Assault Rifle weapon in PUBG Mobile. Where this weapon has a bullet capacity of 500. Groza can defeat enemies in 0.16 seconds even though he uses a level 3 helmet/armor. And is equipped with 48 points for each bullet. This weapon can only be obtained in Air Drop. No wonder this weapon is the prima donna in PUBG Mobile.

3. Sniper Rifle Kar98k

This one weapon is highly recommended for you. Why not, with the damage it has. can kill the enemy even with just one bullet.


You can find this weapon when looting in warehouses or open buildings. Kar98k has a power of 75 points, powerful enough to kill enemies with 1 or 2 bullets. But the drawback of this weapon is slow reloading.

4. Shotgun S12K


S12K is a shotgun type weapon with a semi-automatic mechanism. Highly recommended for those of you who like close-range weapons. Like Shotgun weapons in general, it has painful damage in killing enemies at close range and the most prominent advantage is that the reload of this weapon is fast.

How are you gamezero friends, what is your favorite weapon?

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