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Cute But Strong, This is the Right Way to Play Chang'e in MLBB!

at a glance, Chang’e looks like a cute little girl character. in outfit all green, hero This MLBB looks like a cartoon character with big eyes, chubby cheeks, and sweetly tied brown hair.

However, who would have thought? Behind her tiny and cute appearance, Chang’e Mobile Legends turns out to have a myriad of powers that can help you dominate war! Check out the following information and tips about Chang’e so you can play it more optimally.

Meet the Cute Chang’e

chang'e mobile legend

Introduced as revamped hero in 2022, Chang’e suddenly attracted the attention of loyal MLBB players who like unique characters with skills antique. it is hero with role mage which has a main specialization entitled Crescent Moon. Moment skillsWhen activated, little Chang’e will issue a moon-powered explosion at enemies a short distance away.

Chang’e is told as the younger brother of fighter heroes Zilong and the youngest disciple of The Great Dragon. He was only 8 years old when he accompanied his brother to practice kung fu and hone his magical abilities at the great dragon’s hideout.

Like most children his age, Chang’e is mischievous, mischievous, and childish. Not infrequently he disrupted the meditation sessions of his brother and teacher, even making their days far from peaceful. Chang’e’s biggest misbehavior was when he swallowed the Great Dragon’s entire immortality pill. The teacher who was extremely angry threw Chang’e out right then and there to go exploring Land of Dawn and joined the fight with his brother, Zilong.

As a result of swallowing the pill of immortality, Chang’e has the trait immortal so he got the nickname Moon Palace Immortal. His immortal nature makes him described as a character who can float to the moon with Jade Bunny, a pet rabbit who becomes his loyal companion.

Chang’e’s Ultimate Ability

chang'e skills

Despite her petite appearance and mischievous childlike nature, Chang’e as hero MLBB has a power that is fairly sick.

In numbers, this is stat owned basis Chang’e Hero:

  • HP: 2301
  • HP Regen: 24
  • Mana: 505
  • Mana Regen: 21
  • Movement Speed: 240
  • Attack Speed: 0.808
  • Physical Attack: 115
  • Physical Defense: 16
  • Magic Defense: 10

Furthermore, here are a number of skills Chang’e who has beenrevamp:

1. Passive Skill: Trouble Maker

Even if only skills passive, ability trouble maker Chang’e’s was no less profitable. Every time Chang’e attacks an enemy, it will leave a mark on the enemy with an increase damage 2% to reach a maximum of 40%.

2. Ultimate Skill: Meteor Shower

As skills main, Meteor Shower that raised by Chang’e will have a painful effect on the enemy. Skills This presents a shower of 30 meteors towards the front in a fairly far distance. Enhancement damage-it can reach 33%.

3. Starmoon Shockwave

When activated, Starmoon Shockwave will throw an energy ball at the enemy. Magic Damage hero enemies hit by this attack will be reduced. The movement will slowly slow down to 40% for 1.5 seconds.

4. Crescent Moon

Skills this can be used to add 400 points Shield and 15% Movement Speed as well as improve basic attack on the enemy. Every time Crescent Moon issued, magic damage from hero the enemy will also be reduced thereby weakening his defense.

The Most Powerful Item Build for Chang’e

build chang'e

So that skillsit can have a more lethal effect on the opponent, you have to equip Chang’e with build items most potent. Here are five recommendations items along with the functions that are suitable for Chang’e:

Divine Glaive

Bringing extra Magic Power by 65 points and Magical Penetration by 40%, Divine Glaive is one of the items best for Chang’e. If the hero have a HP level of more than 70%, items This will also give you an additional 30% HP.

Genius Wand

Genius Wand has a passive effect that can reduce Magic Defense heroes opponent by 3-10 points. Besides that, items this function gives additional +5% Movement Speed and +75 Magic Power. There is also another addition of 15 points Magical Penetration.

Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand will increase the level damage on skills passive Chang’e. Items it also gives an additional +400 HP, +75 Magic Power+5% Movement Speedand additional effects burn for 3 seconds when hit hero from the opposing team.

Ice Queen Wand

The main function Ice Queen Wand is to add +150 Mana, +75 Magic Power+7% Movement Speedand +10 Magical Lifesteal. When used, Ice Queen Wand will also make enemies move 15% slower.

Magic Shoes

Use Magic Shoes will increase Chang’e’s rotation ability as well as give an additional +40 to Movement Speed and 10% Cooldown Reduction when the hero bring out his abilities.

Strategy to Play Chang’e During War

how to play chang'e

When using Chang’e ML as heroyou can put it in position Core. However, he can also play the role of Support if your team applies game strategy Hyper Carry.

Here are some strategies that you can follow to maximize your maximum strength Chang’e:

  • Chang’e can perform optimally when placed in mid lane. Not only serves to attack the enemy, this placement will make it easier player moment farming.
  • You can combine several basic skills Chang’e and ultimate skills in order to attack the opponent more quickly.
  • From mid game until late gamemake sure if skill stack Chang’e is in large numbers. Therefore, damage what he produces on the enemy will have a greater effect too.
  • Damage skills Chang’e is quite difficult to break through the defense assassin heroes. Therefore, Chang’e had better keep her distance from hero from role this is the time of the inter-team battle.

Well, that was all about Chang’eincluding profiles, build itemsas well as tips for playing hero mage this is in war. The information above can be used as a guide for choosing hero the best and the sickest that will help you excel on the battlefield. Ready to play? Immediately choose hero and strategize your game right now!

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