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Counter Aldous in Mobile Legends! Make It Useless!

Aldous’ presence a while ago at Mobile Legends brought terror to various heroes, especially the heroes who disappeared like Lesley, Miya, or even Natalia. He have skills ultimate Contract: Cate Fate who can see position hero and pursue it mercilessly. Not to mention if skills terminated, Contract: Soul Steal already gained a lot stacks, will non-tank will immediately die with one hit like Saitama in the anime One Punch Man.

Although impressed very strong, Aldous was very easy to counters, lol! It has the necessary weaknesses to be useful in games other than tracking the opponent’s position. Want to know anything? Here are tips oppose Aldous di Mobile Legends.

1. Purchase Twilight Armor

Damage her enormous size is a nightmare, everyone hero not para hero. By collecting pile and items If it’s right, it can deal up to 4 thousand damage with one hit! To anticipate it, buy Armor Twilight receive biggest damage acceptable hero -mu only 900 damage just. No there will be a term One Punch Man ok!

2. Use Marksman Heroes with High Attack Speed

Despite having damage high, Aldous can’t do 1 hit kill in various conditions. Worth it, he can only make non-tank heroes own items equivalent. To anticipate it, use sniper heroes and make it items which gives attack speed tall. Don’t forget to join lifesteal so that your HP can definitely be full when Aldous is turned on one on one.

3. Approach the Teammates who are the Target

With his Contract: Chate Fate, Aldous can see through hero and move straight towards them. When you or your teammates are targeted, immediately pair and stick with each other! There’s no way Aldous would dare to approach and ultimate cooldown it will be added shortly.

4. Never Do Split Push

What is important and needs to be remembered when dealing with Aldous is never to do push split except hero -You are already STRONGER than the opposing team! The reason is, Aldous can easily catch up to the hero who did split push and kill him quickly.

5. Use Battle Spell Weaken

If the things above are too difficult for you, maybe the simplest way you can use is to use battle spell Weakens. When you are approached by Aldous, immediately use Weaken towards him and beat him. Physical strength reduction by 70% makes damage her so ticklish.

Those were the tips for counter Aldous in the game. Congratulations on choosing in the game and make him helpless, guys! Keep up with social media for information about Mobile Legends next yes!

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