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Cool! This Youtuber Turns a Treadmill into a PS4 Controller!

Allen Pan YouTube Video Thumbnail Turns Treadmill Into PS4 Controller Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced

The Death Stranding PS4 game developed by Hideo Kojima is an action game that is currently quite famous. Although many say this game is more of a Courier Simulation (People who Deliver Goods to a Place). The gameplay of Death Stranding is where you play as Sam Porter Bridges who works as a Courier who will deliver goods to various places in the United States and face all the obstacles that exist. Well, an American Youtuber named Allen Pan Modifying the PS 4 Controller is unusual. Allen Combines PS4 Dualshock Controller and Dedicated Treadmill to get Sam to power.

Video Uploaded by Allen Pan on his channel “Allen Pan -Sufficiently advanced” which successfully turns a treadmill into a PS4 controller

In the video that Allen uploaded on his channel, he uses a rubber rope tied to his waist to run a treadmill belt. However, the Treadmill that was converted into a PS4 Controller only functions to run Sam’s character who walks and runs, to control the others, you still have to use Dualshock 4. Besides that, this method is effective because instead of just playing games, why not do some exercise at the same time? Although it requires a struggle when running and walking on the treadmill so that Sam can move and run, this method can also make the body healthy, especially if you want to start a diet program. So, what is your opinion about the unique and different PS4 controller using a treadmill?

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