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Complete PS2 Bully Cheats in Indonesian

Have you ever missed your school days? There may come a time when you have graduated from the education process and miss your school days. It’s not impossible that you want to feel the feelings you enjoyed back in school.

There are various ways for us to feel the feelings of the old school days. One of them is by playing school-themed games. For now, there are lots of games that have a school theme.

But it’s quite difficult to find a game that has the best school feel in it. However, most of you must have heard the name Bully game. This game made by Rockstar has indeed been around a decade ago.

This one game offers you various activities like you were in school like before. You can do various things, one of which is skipping school, fighting teachers and much more.

Talking about this, you can also complete various missions in the Bully game. To finish this one game, of course you have to complete these various missions. This mission is also quite difficult, if you do it without any help.

But calm down, because you can also use Cheats in this Bully game. Well, this time we will tell you Cheat Bully for the PlayStation 2 console. Curious? Complete PS2 Bully Cheats in Indonesian! Check below.

Complete PS2 Bully Cheats in Indonesian

Unlock All ClothesL1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1
Unlock All GYM KicksHold L1 and press up, left, down, down, triangle, square, X, X
Unlock All Fighting SkillsHold L1 and press up, left, down, right, triangle, square, X, circle
Full BloodHold L1 and press R2, R2, R2
Unlock WeaponsHold L1 and press up, up, up, up
Unlimited bulletsHold L1 and press up, down, up, down.
MoneyHold L1 and press triangle, square, circle, X

Cheat Bully English Lessons:

Complete Indonesian Ps2 Bully Cheats
Bully PS2 | Steam

English 1

-low, mew, elm, mow, woe, owe, owl
-mewl, mole, meow, moll, well

English 2

-sit, its, fit, fig, ifs, his, hit
-gift, shift, fish, figs, fist, hits, sigh, fits, this, gist
-shift, gifts, fight, sight

English 3

-lei, mil, lie, elm
-slim, leis, miss, mess, semi, isle, less, lime, mile, elms, lies, mise
-seism, slims, miles, limes, smile, slime, isles
-smiles, slimes

English 4

-nay, yon, cry, ran, con, rya, nor, ray, arc, oar, any, cay, car, coy, can
-yarn, cran, nary, orca, roan, racy, cyan, narc, cony, corn
-rayon, corny, acorn, carny, crony

English 5

-egg, rag, rad, age, red, gag, erg, gar, dag, are, era, ear, gad
-egad, dear, gage, rage, drag, read, dare, grad, gear, dreg, aged
-gager, agger, raged, grade
-ragged, dagger

Now, That’s the Complete PS2 Bully Cheat in Indonesian. By using this cheat, you can get various items in the game. This item you can use as a weapon, and can complete missions very easily.

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