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Complete Guide to How to Play Point Blank Game for Beginners

First-person shooter (FPS) is one of the genres games world’s most popular. Choice games The FPS that you can play is also very diverse and can be found on various platforms. If you’re curious, you can try how to play games Point Blank. Games this one is known as one games The best and most popular FPS today.

In games In this FPS, you will be invited to act like a soldier. Armed with firearms in various models and shapes, you can shoot as many enemies as you can. Sounds easy, but you can’t play games this is random. Possibly, you even become the moon. Don’t want to just be the target of shooting by gamer another, right?

For those of you who claim to be players games PB beginners, here is a complete guide on how to play that can be practiced.

#1. Choose the Right Weapon

point blank weapon

The main factors that need to be considered when playing games Point Blank is weapon selection. In games In this, you can find a row of weapons in various forms. Each weapon also has different characteristics. To be able to take full advantage of it, you need to know the character.

There are five categories of weapons that you can find in games Point Blank, namely:

· Assault Rifle

The first type of weapon is assault rifle or assault rifle. This weapon has a characteristic long barrel and uses medium caliber ammunition. Besides that, assault rifle equipped with features selective fire which allows you to shoot in several different modes. Types of weapons included in the type assault rifle are M4A1, K2C-A79, Famas G2, F2000, and HK-417.

Weapon type assault rifle has a fairly long shooting range. In addition, bullets fired using assault rifles are also capable of penetrating helmets or armor used by soldiers. Therefore, assault rifle is the main weapon of choice for military soldiers. In addition, its use is quite popular among gamer Point Blank.

· Submachine Gun

The type of weapon in Point Blank next is SMG or submachine gun. As the name implies, this weapon is a mini version of a machine gun. Different from assault rifleSMG has a short range.

Even so, the main advantage that you can get from this weapon is the ease of controlling it, making it easier for you to obtain headshot. SMG options in Point Blank are very varied, ranging from KRISS SV, P90 Submachine, MP7, Dual Mini UZI, K-1, to MP5-UGS.

· Sniper

You can also choose how to play games Point Blank as a sniper. The weapons you can use to complete the task as a sniper are sniper. This weapon is a type of long-barreled weapon that has the ability to shoot accurately and have a very long range.

Through the use of sniper weapons, you can aim at your opponent from a safe position. When using this rifle, you can use a telescope aiming tool to shoot accurately. In addition, snipers fall into the category of weapons with damage strongest so that it allows you to knock out enemies with just one shot.

· Shotgun

If you want to try how to play games Point Blank aggressively, you can choose weapons in the form of shotgun. This rifle has a very close shooting range. The advantages that you can use from type weapons shotgun is his ability to fire multiple bullets in one shot. This weapon has damage big and easy for you to get headshot.

When using shotgunyou need to pay attention to the stock of bullets in the weapon because this weapon is a type of rifle that takes time reload long enough. In addition, this long-barreled rifle will also be useless in long-range combat. In Point Blank, you can find several types of weapons shotgunincluding SPAS-15, M1887, Zombie-Slayer, and Jackhammer.

· Secondary Weapon

The aforementioned list of rifles represents the main types of weapons. In games Point Blank, you can also equip yourself with secondary weapons. There are two types of secondary weapons that you can use in games Point Blank, i.e. a gun (handgun) and a knife. Its use is useful for anticipating when you can no longer use your main weapon, for example when you run out of ammunition.

#2. Take advantage of the Mini Map

mini map pb

If you have download PB Garena, you will find out that games It comes with various battle maps. The map choices are very varied and can also be played with different game modes. For example, the map for fashion deathmatchspecial map mode bomb missionor game mode map defense mission.

Regardless of which map choice you play, be sure to keep an eye on the mini map constantly. The existence of a mini map is useful for paying attention to the movements of friends and foes. You also need to coordinate with each partner to develop a precise strategy and defeat the enemy.

#3. Make Moves when Aiming at Opponents

aim pb

Mistakes that are often made by a gamer beginner when you already know how download Point Blank and play it is a shooting position. Beginners usually aim and shoot at the enemy in a stationary position at one point. In a situation like this, your character will most likely die first being shot by the enemy.

Instead of staying at one point, you need to actively move when aiming or shooting. If necessary, you can perform random jumps left and right. Actions like this will make it difficult for the enemy to aim accurately. As a result, you have a greater chance of surviving until the end of the game.

#4. Pay Attention to Sensitivity Mouse

mouse sensitivity pb

No less important factors you need to pay attention to when download PB Garena and playing it is quality mouse. Every product mouse has its own specifications; one of them is the level of sensitivity or dots-per-inch (DPI).

Mouse which has a high sensitivity will not always be suitable and provide comfort for you. Instead, you need to choose mouse with the right level of sensitivity and comfort. Moreover, most of the gamer Professional FPS choose to set mouse at the DPI level in the 400-800 range.

#5. Character Selection

pb character

While playing games PB, you will be faced with several choices of characters. You can choose a character that belongs to the Free Rebels and CT-Force groups. In addition, you will also find male and female characters.

To improve your character’s abilities, you need to level up and get higher ranks. The lowest rank is traineeand you can upgrade it to the highest rank, that is commander. Each rank achievement will earn you new abilities.

Well, those are the complete tips and guides for those of you who want to play games Point Blank. To play it, you can download PB Garena for free on the official website. Have fun, yeah!

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