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Cloudpunk Adds First-Person View Mode in Latest Update!

Cloudpunk adds First-person view mode

Currently, many Cyberpunk-themed games have been released. So, if you are happy with the Cyberpunk-themed game, then Cloudpunk can be a good choice worth it to play. Because you will be invited to surround the beautiful and futuristic city of Nivalis while delivering goods using a flying truck.

In the latest Cloudpunk update this time, ION LANDS as the developer has added a First-person view feature so you can see the beauty of cyberpunk streets up close and immersive. You can already get this latest update via Steam.

To activate this mode, you only need to zoom in until your character is invisible (or the right analog if you are using a controller). You can also switch to Third-person view mode by pressing the “X” button on the Keyboard, but this mode is practically half of the original view point and first-person view. What’s more, you can also use first-person view while driving, even though it doesn’t include going up and down.

In addition, this latest patch also adds controller rebinding, mouse steering, and cleaning robots that are scattered on the streets cleaning the streets.

For your information, Cloudpunk can now be played on the PC platform via Steam. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One consoles will be released at the end of 2022.

It’s time to go around the city of Nivalus with the newest first-person view mode in the Cloudpunk game, friends GameZeRO!

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