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Classic Need For Speed ​​Games Removed Suddenly

The Need For Speed ​​franchise has been around for a decade. Now you can play various classic to modern Need For Speed ​​series. Although it has been present in several different series, Need For Speed ​​is still not changed as a whole.

This indirectly makes the classic Need For Speed ​​still very popular today. Not even a few gamers prefer the classic series than Need For Speed ​​which was released a few years ago.

Classic Need For Speed!

Classic Need For Speed ​​Games Removed Suddenly
Need For Speed ​​| Rant Games

Those old memories certainly leave a mark on the hearts of all of us. because of this, many gamers hope that one day the classic Need For Speed ​​series will get a remastered or remake version.

However, instead of coming up with good news, a report emerged saying that various classic Need For Speed ​​series were suddenly being phased out. Need For Speed ​​community manager at Reddit post a new update.

Removed suddenly!

Classic Need For Speed ​​Games Removed Suddenly
Reddit | HelloGame

The update says that some Need For Speed ​​games like Carbon, Undercover, Shift, Unleashed and The Run will be removed. All of these games are scheduled to be removed from digital platforms as of this writing, including the in-game store.

This move itself was done in preparation for the server shutdown on August 31, 2022. According to the post, it is quite impossible to keep the game online due to the dwindling player base.

But you don’t need to worry because every game will be available to play offline after the server is turned off. The game will be available even if the server has been closed for good.

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