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Cheats Left 4 Dead PC Indonesian!

You’re looking for Cheats Left 4 Dead? Let’s see the article below.

Left 4 Dead was first created in 2008 ago. The game created by Valve Corporation is the first game from the Left 4 Dead franchise which is still very much in existence even though it is quite old.

Not a few fans are still waiting for the presence of the latest series from this survival-horror franchise. But unfortunately, until now Valve is still not interested in developing the latest series from Left 4 Dead.

Even so, the gameplay of Left 4 Dead until now can still be enjoyed and fun to play. Especially if the game is played with friends and uses cheat codes to make gameplay easier.

That’s right, you can use Cheat Codes in Left 4 Dead. This cheat allows you to get various conveniences in this game made by Valve.

In this article, Halogame will share a collection of cheat codes for Left 4 Dead PC. Curious? Cheats Left 4 Dead PC Indonesian! Check below.

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How to Enable Cheats:

Entered into Main Menu > Options > Keyboard/Mouse > Allow Developers Console. While playing the game, press the button ~ on the keyboard. Go to the console box and type Sv-Cheats 1 then press enter to activate cheat mode. Enter the cheat code below.

NoCheat CodeEffects Cheats
1boomSpawns a pipebomb under the player
2buddha 1Invincible, but will take damage
3director_force_panicCreate a state of panic
4director_no_human_zombies <0/1>Turn on/off Boss Infected controls on any map
5director_no_mobs <1/0>No mass riot
6director_panic_forever <0/1>Turn on/off to always panic.
7director_stopKills all wanderers, mobs, specials and bosses
8ent_fire !self addoutput “gravity 0.10Activates low gravity when jumping and falling
9Ent_RemoveEliminate all bots
10fireSpawns Molotov cocktails exploding under the player
11first personPlay in first person mode (only valid if playing in third-person mode)
12give ammoCheat full bullet ammunition
13give autoshotgunAuto shotgun cheats
14give first_aid_kitFirst aid treatment cheats
15give gascanCheat gascan
16give healthCheat blood / full life
17give hunting_rifleHunting rifle cheats
18give molotovMolotov cocktails cheats
19give oxygen tankCheat oxygen tank
20give pain_pillsPain pill cheat
21give pipe_bombCheat pipebomb
22give gungun gun cheats
23give propanepropaneank cheats
24give rifleMK 47 weapon cheats
25godCheats are invincible
26impulse 101Gives ammunition to the main weapon used
27noclipActivate clipless mode (fill in bullets)
28retryPlayers can unlock certain achievements when using cheats (start the game with an active cheat)
29sb_friendlyfire <1/0>Sets whether bots can cause fire damage or not
30sb_give xGive bot to friends (fill x with desired amount)
31sb_openfire or open_fireMake teammates shoot continuously
32sv_infinite_ammo 1Unlimited ammo cheats
33third personSetting the camera to third person mode
34thirdperson_mayamodeSetting the camera to stay in a certain place
35thirdpersonshoulderSetting the camera to third person behind the shoulder
36tongue_fly_speed xSet the speed of the smoker’s tongue to fly (fill x with the desired number of speeds)
37tongue_range xSet the maximum distance how far the smoker’s tongue attacks (fill x with the desired number of speeds)
38VocalizeMake the player talk anything
39z_common_limitSet the maximum number of ordinary zombies
40z_frustration_lifetime xSet the number in seconds until the player loses control of the tank to not attack the survivors (fill x with the desired number of speeds)
41z_healthChange zombie health
42z_pounce_damage xSet the amount of damage you want to the survivor (fill x with the desired amount)
43z_pounce_door_damage xSet the amount of damage when breaking the door (fill x with the desired amount)
44z_spawn Spawning a special infection (choose one bossname: hunter, boomer, smoker, witch, tank)
45z_spawn boomerSpawn boomers at crosshair locations
46z_spawn hunterSpawn a hunter at the crosshair location
47z_spawn mobSpawns a horde of zombies
48z_spawn smokerSpawns a smoker at the crosshair location
49z_spawn tankSpawn tanks at crosshair locations
50z_spawn weapon_SMGSpawn SMG weapons
51z_spawn zombiesSpawns one zombie
52z_speedChange the speed of zombies
53z_tank_health xSet the tank’s max health (fill x with the desired amount of speed)
54z_witch_allow_change_victim <1/0>Sets whether the witch can change the target or only focus on the survivors detected first
55z_witch_burn_timeSetting the time before the witch dies in flames
56z_witch_damage xSet the amount of damage from wItch attacks (fill x with the desired number of speeds)

Now, That’s Cheat Left 4 Dead PC Indonesian. Left 4 Dead will be more exciting when played together with friends. That’s right, you can play this one game online with your friends with 4 people at the same time.

Your main task is to survive the zombie attacks that are scattered throughout the city. Are you able to survive? Give your comment below.

sources: IGN

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