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Cheats Left 4 Dead 2 PC English

You’re looking for Left 4 Dead 2 cheats? Let’s see the article below.

Left 4 Dead is a franchise made by Valve. This Survival-Horror game is proof that Valve is indeed very skilled in creating a game that is fun to play apart from Dota 2 and Counter Strike.

But unfortunately, until now there has been no news regarding the continuation series from Left 4 Dead 2 itself after it was first launched in 2009. However, this one game still exists and fans are waiting for the latest series of the game.

One of the main attractions of Left 4 Dead 2 itself is that we can use a Cheat Code in this game. This Cheat Code will help us survive from zombie attacks.

In this article, Halogame will share a collection of Left 4 Dead 2 Cheat Codes for you. Curious? Cheats Left 4 Dead 2 PC English! Check below.

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Cheats Left 4 Dead 2 PC English

How to Enable Cheats:

Entered into Main Menu > Options > Keyboard/Mouse > Allow Developers Console. While playing the game, press the button ~ on the keyboard. Go to the console box and type Sv-Cheats 1 then press enter to activate cheat mode. Enter the cheat code below.

Cheat CodeEffect Cheats
tongue_range <#>(Default 750) Sets the maximum range of his tongue attack smoker
z_pounce_damage XAmount damage what you want for the survivor
z_witch_burn_timeThe amount of time needed before witch burned to death due to fire (no effect caused by fire)
z_healthChange health from zombies
z_speedChange speed from zombies
director_no_human_zombies 0/1Disable/enable Boss Infected which can be controlled on folder anywhere
director_panic_forever 0/1Disable/enable panic that never stops
director_force_panicForcing emergence panic event
give ammoFull ammo
give gunGot gun
impulse 101Giving ammunition to weapons primary
give autoshotgunGot shotgun automatic
give first_aid_kitGot first aid kit
give healthGive health full
give gascanGive gascan
give hunting_rifleGive hunting rifle
give molotovGive molotov
give oxygen tankGive oxygen tank
give_pain_pillsGive pain pills
give pipe_bombGive pipe bomb
give propaneGive propanethank
give rifleGiving MK 47 (machine gun)
z_spawn weapon_SMGGiving SMG
buddha 1As god but still make you accept damage (sometimes if you’re the only one survivor remaining, you will not get damage from infected)
sb_openfire or open_fire (console will tell)Make a partner bot your team shoots non stop
director_no_mobs <1/0>There is no mob rush
first personPlay in fashion first person (default), this cheat code only applies if mode third person is being activated
Ent_RemoveDelete all bot
z_witch_damage <#>Set amount damage received from the attack witch
thirdperson_mayamodeSets the view in a fixed position in one place while in mode third person or third person shoulder. Enter it once to activate it and enter it a second time to make it inactive
third personSetting view in mode third person
thirdpersonshoulderSetting view in mode third person shoulder
z_common_limitSet the maximum number of zombies normal
z_tank_health <#>Set the maximum amount health from tank
z_frustration_lifetime <#>Sets the number of seconds until you lose control of tank so as not to attack the survivor
sb_friendlyfire <1/0>Determine whether bot can or can’t do friendly fire damage
director_stopStop all wanderer, mob, specialand boss
z_spawn zombiesTo do spawn over 1 zombies
boomTo do spawn on pipebomb active under you
z_spawnTo do spawn on infected special
z_spawn mobTo do spawn over an army zombies
z_spawn boomerTo do spawn on boomer at the target location
z_spawn hunterTo do spawn on hunter at the target location
z_spawn smokerTo do spawn on smoker at the target location
z_spawn tankTo do spawn on tank at the target location
noclipActivate mode no clipping
z_witch_allow_change_victim <1/0>Change so that witch can switch targets or focus on only one target survivor who met him for the first time
sv_infinite_ammo 1Unlimited ammo

Now, That’s Cheat Left 4 Dead 2 PC Indonesian. Left 4 Dead 2 will be more exciting when played together with friends. That’s right, you can play this one game online with your friends with 4 people at the same time.

Your main task is to survive the zombie attacks that are scattered throughout the city. Are you able to survive? Give your comment below.

sources: IGN

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