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Cheats The Forest PC English

The Forest is a game by Endlight Games. You can play this one survival game offline. The Forest requires you to survive by building a civilization like building a house to survive.

With an ax, you are asked to collect various materials to survive. Like a tree to build a house and much more. In addition, this ax also serves to attack.

Surviving in The Forest is certainly not easy. There is a long process that you have to go through. However, you can simplify the gameplay of this one game. That’s right, by using a cheat.

With this cheat code, you can get various crafting materials and more in The Forest. In this article, Halogame will share a collection of Codes Cheats The Forest PC for you.

Curious? Cheat The Forest PC in Indonesian! Check below.

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Cheats The Forest PC English

How to Use Cheats:
  • Press Z to bring up the console, F1 to turn it on or off.
  • Press X or ~ to display console logs and status, F2 or ~ to enable or disable it.
  • Press C to display statistics, F3 to turn it on or off.
  • Use the up and down arrow keys after pressing Z to scroll through the previous command.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to change commands.
buildermode on / buildermode offActivate Buildhack and God mode. Disables survival mode, enemies, and adds all items.
cavelight on / cavelight offMake Goa brighter.
faststart on / faststart offSkip the plane crash cutscene.
godmode on / godmode offNo damage. Unlimited stamina, full, god mode character.
buildhack on / buildhack offCreative mode, unlimited resources and fast build.
cancelallghostsErase all blueprints. Players must turn down the volume if they have a lot of items.
buildallghostsCreate every blueprint the player places.
addallitemsAdded all items other than story items.
addallstoryitemsAdded all story items too.
itemhack on / itemhack offUnlimited items, players must have the item to start.
survival on / survival offNo need to eat/drink.
saveSave games.
speedyrun on / speedyrun offSuper fast sprints.
invisible on / invisible offAllows the player to walk/run underwater but does not wet the character. Does not apply to rain.
killallenemiesKill all enemies.
enemies on / enemies offDisable or enable cannibals and mutants.
additem 77Enable live Rabbit.
heavy forceHeavy rain can be used to collect water.
forcerain sunnySunny weather.
cutdowntrees 10Cut down 10 trees, the number 10 is free to fill in anything.
cutdowntrees 100%100% Cut down all trees, the percentage is free to fill in anything.
cutgrass 10Mow the grass within the radius of the figure around the player. It will be slow if the selected size radius is too large.

Now, That’s Cheat The Forest PC Indonesian. You can get various conveniences to survive in The Forest when you use the cheat code we provided above.

Because The Forest is an Offline game, you can use the cheat legally or freely without any problems.

sources: IGN

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