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Cheats Captain Tsubasa PS2 English

Before playing Captain Tsubasayou better know in advance the various tips, tricks and cheat codes for the game below.

Maybe most of you are already familiar with the name Tsubasa Ozora. It’s true, the main character in the Captain Tsubasa Anime series is indeed very well known by most people.

Moreover, Captain Tsubasa is indeed one of the most loved anime by fans. No wonder that many game developers are interested in bringing Captain Tsubasa into a game.

Sure enough, until now Captain Tsubasa still exists in the game industry. Even recently, one of the newest series from Captain Tsubasa has been launched for various platforms.

However, in this article, we will discuss Captain Tsubasa which was launched for PS2 a few years ago. This game made by Bandai Namco was first released in 2006 and is one of the best to date.

Well, Halogame will share various tips or cheat codes for Captain Tsubasa PS2. Curious? Cheats for Captain Tsubasa PS2 in Indonesian! Check below.

Cheats Captain Tsubasa PS2 English

TeamHow to open
ArgentinaBeat Argentina in Story Mode
FranceBeat France in Story Mode
FuranoDefeat Furano in Story Mode
GermanyBeat Germany in Story Mode
HanawaDefeat Hanawa in Story Mode
HiradoDefeat Hirado in Story Mode
ItalyBeat Italy in Story Mode
JapanFinish the beginning of Story Mode
NankatsuFinish Custom Story Mode
TohoDefeat Toho in Story Mode

Now, That’s the Indonesian Cheat for Captain Tsubasa PS2. It’s quite easy, to unlock the core teams in Captain Tsubasa, you only have to complete the Story Mode provided by the game.

sources: IGN

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