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Cheat Makers Will Start Dropping To Console Market

For now, the problem of cheats in console games is quite minimal. Of course this is one of the main attractions of the console itself, where we cannot find users of illegal programs, unlike PCs.

However, it is not impossible that in the future the makers of cheats in this PC game will begin to descend into the console market. That’s right, now news has surfaced saying that Cheat makers will start their descent into the console market.

Cheat system on console!

Cheat Makers Will Begin To Drop Into Console Market
Cold War | Microsoft

Apart from the console which is indeed a platform which cannot be changed like PCs in general. Of course this makes the console very difficult to break into and fill a cheat system in it.

Even so, again it is not impossible that Cheat will also be present on consoles in the future. At least this is the plan that the cheat maker will do. They claim that their cheat system will run on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

How cheats work on console

They didn’t share details on how the cheat system worked on this console. It’s just that, most likely it will connect connecting the console with an existing network streaming service or capture card.

Later this cheat system will use AI-based machine-learning to activate auto-aim and auto-shoot features such as FPS game cheats on PC platforms in general.

The good news is that this cheat system will later be detected by Sony or Microsoft, although it is not easy. Because of this, it is likely that in the future these two console companies will start fighting cheats that are present in their consoles.

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sources: Twitter

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