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Chapter 200 Kimetsu No Yaiba Shows Muzan's Defeat!

For you anime lovers, you definitely know the Kimetsu No Yaiba anime. Anime produced by Ufotable has stunning graphics and stories. Reportedly recently the manga from Kimetsu No Yaiba has reached the end of its arc. Where the fight between Tanjirou and Muzan has ended.

As seen on the cover of the manga released by Shounen Jump Weekly, Muzan the main Villain looks scorching hot because of the sun that the Demon Slayers had planned to hold back until morning.


In this battle, many pillars died in this battle including Iguro, Himejima and Kanroji. Tanjiro’s condition is even worse with his severed arm.

Several characters still survived, such as Inosuke and Zenitsu even though they were dying, Giyu also met Tanjirou and conveyed his feelings that he felt he had failed to protect himself and Nezuko. There is no certainty whether this manga will end considering that the main enemy “Muzan” was defeated.

Source : gamebox

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