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Celebrate Persona's 25th Birthday, Atlus Goda 7 New Projects

Atlus’ ability to mix JRPG games can’t be doubted. It’s no secret that knowing that most fans of this genre know the Atlus name with Persona.

Right, this time we will talk about Personas. Atlus’ franchise will now be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It’s hard to believe that Persona is now almost three decades old.

Persona’s 25th Birthday

In this short period of time, Atlus has launched five main series of Persona and many spin-offs. Even recently they confirmed that they are currently developing Persona 6.

To welcome Persona’s 25th anniversary this year, of course Atlus has prepared something for fans. In September this year, Atlus will celebrate their franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Atlus teases 7 new projects!

Celebrate Persona's 25th Birthday Atlus Goda 7 New Projects
Persona | Youtube

Atlus is now known to have released a site especially for the celebration. Various things are being prepared, from special merchandise, events, collaborations, to a new game project.

On the site, Atlus also teased fans with 7 new projects. This mysterious project itself has been confirmed to be different from the others. There is no information whatsoever regarding this project.

However, the first project will be announced in September 2022 with the final project to be revealed next fall of 2022. What projects are Atlus currently preparing for? Give your feedback.

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