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Careful! Avoid These Mistakes When Using Free Fire Vending Machine

One of the features provided by Free Fire is the Vending Machine. Vending Machine itself is a feature where you can buy sick items or weapons using FF Tokens that you can find in the game.

The presence of the Vending Machine will of course really help you in the game. But even so, you yourself need to avoid the following mistakes when using the Free Fire Vending Machine.

Here are the Errors When Using the Free Fire Vending Machine

1. Buying Unneeded Items

The first mistake you should avoid when using a Vending Machine is buying unneeded items. It's a good idea to buy items that are really needed and in accordance with the conditions in the battle.

For example, you buy the strongest weapon on Free Fire which you can actually get for free elsewhere. Or when you don't have Vest items, but prefer to buy weapons than Vests.

2. Directly Spend FF Token

Another mistake that you should avoid when using the Free Fire Vending Machine is to immediately spend the FF Token you have. Because usually, players will immediately spend their FF Tokens to buy unneeded items.

Even though instead of having to spend FF Tokens, it's a good idea to save some of the FF Tokens just in case when the battle starts to enter the smallest zone and the area for looting becomes more limited.

By saving some FF Tokens, you don't have to worry about finding a loot area. Just look for a Vending Machine in the zone, so you can be safer.

3. Don't think about what items to buy

This error is the most common error that is often encountered by some Free Fire players. Before buying at a Vending Machine, it's a good idea to make sure in advance what items you want to buy .

The goal, of course, is so that you can find out what items you don't have, need to be added, or to avoid buying double items. That way, you will be more efficient in making purchases at the Vending Machine.

Those are some mistakes when using Vending Machine Free Fire. Do you think you still do it often or not?

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