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Bored at Home? Play These 5 Light Android Games!

Played games not only about war or strategy, sometimes we also need a light game that is not too energy and mind draining. Usually games this kind has a lot genres. Each of course has advantages and disadvantages.

Various Light Games on Android

best android light games

Actually a game with genre lightweight doesn’t just exist on Android. Previously games We can also play this kind on PC or console with a level of difficulty that is no less entertaining. Usually games lightweight does not have a special storyline or strategy.

We just need a little skills such as hand dexterity or speed of thought to complete it. There are so many types games light android popular and quite a lot downloaded by users smartphoneamong them,

1. Cooking Games

light games android online

Cooking games or cooking games on Android usually revolve around how to make a dish or help the main characters build their restaurant. In this kind of game we are only asked to make dishes according to the tutorial or fulfill certain missions.

As previously mentioned, there is no specific strategy to complete the game. You only need hand dexterity so that the mission is quickly completed or can cook food according to the instructions given.

2. Puzzle Games

light games android offline

Ever heard games Tetris? The classic game we used to play on console this includes one games best light android. Apart from tetris, there are many puzzle games others to play with smartphone. Average only requires dexterity of hands to complete.

Even so, clearing each level jigsaw puzzles until the end was not as easy as imagined. It takes several defeats so that we can find the right formulation and finish this kind of game until we get a win.

3. Riddle Games

best offline android light games

Besides puzzle, ride games It is also quite popular and is often used to spend free time. Some examples ride games What’s interesting is guessing the logo, answering trivia questions, arranging words, and finding some hidden objects.

Although many think ride games requires a lot of thinking skills, but most of them can only sharpen the brain and don’t burden the mind as much as wargame or arcade which requires a special strategy. As games light android other, ride games quite entertaining.

4. Racing Games

Racing games not only about car or motorcycle races, some also tell about chase scenes like Subway Surfers. Although light, games this kind of enough to stimulate our adrenaline and competitive spirit. Racing games usually present in the form of games light android multiplayer or single player.

In the Play Store itself there are many choices Interesting racing game. Average have rating and the download numbers are quite high. This proves that although light, racing game not boring at all.

5. Pet Games

Among the various types games lightweight for Android above, maybe game pets the easiest. Our main task is just to keep the virtual pet alive and clean. Challenge on games This is usually in light games to get extra coins.

These coins can be used to buy food, drink, and clothes that can be used by virtual pets so that they can grow and develop properly.

Recommended Light Android Games to Pass Time

After discussing several types games light, then let’s review some recommendations games best light android to spend free time.

1. Pou

multiplayer android light game

Pou is one of the game pets light. This game can be categorized as games light android offline the easiest, because all it takes is to keep a rock as well as our virtual pet alive and clean. Besides that, we can also invite Pou to play so that they always happy.

Like most pets, Pou can also get sick and lethargic. To keep this virtual pet’s happiness level normal, you can give Pou vitamins and medicine. So far, Pou has been downloaded 500 million times. This confirms that even though it is light, there are still many people who like it games This kind of Android.

2. Fruit Slice

fruit ninja android game

Fruit Slice is games hand dexterity that requires a single player. Our main task is to cut as many fruits that are dropped from above as possible without hitting bombs or other traps. Even though it looks easy it turns out that not everyone is able to continue games this to a higher level.

Including one that is popular, there are lots of them on the Play Store games Similar to Fruit Slice. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and is included in the games light android on line and offline most downloaded.

3. Guess the Picture

guess android image

Product games This lightweight for Android is made by young Indonesians. The main concept is to guess some pictures that represent a sentence or a phrase. Even though it’s “small money” it turns out that not everyone can guess the questions that are on the games Guess the picture.

As Indonesians, we should also be proud of Guess the Picture. Because so far it has been recorded that Guess the Picture has been downloaded 10 million times and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on the Play Store.

4. Cooking Mama

easy game cooking mama android

Cooking Mama is light games genre cooking games. In this game we will cook some typical foods from various countries according to the steps and recipes in the tutorial. If we don’t follow the instructions, our cooking results will get a bad score. Although light, graphic games this is quite nice and funny. Plus attractive colors, play games this to pass the time will be very entertaining.

5. Cut the Rope

cut the rope 2 android

Cut the Rope tells the story of Om Om, a green monster who tries to eat candy. Our task is to help Om Om get his favorite candy by overcoming several challenges, namely cutting the appropriate rope. Games light android offline best This is quite fun and challenging.

Here are some reviews games light android to spend free time and overcome boredom. Good luck.

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