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Bloodborne Demake Creators Announce Bloodborne Kart

The name FromSoftware may already be familiar to all of you. This studio with the ability to mix souls-like genre games is still very much in existence and has returned to the surface recently with Elden Ring.

However, what about the FanSoftware name? Have you ever heard that name? A studio built directly by Bloodborne fans named Lilith Walther.

Bloodborne with a racing theme!

Because he really likes Bloodborne, he previously released Bloodborne Demake for PS1. The release was also quite successful and seeing this opportunity made him want to mix other games again.

True, Lilith Walther plans to make a Bloodborne game but in a different style. If basically souls-like games are famous for their combat, Walther wants to make the game a game like Racing style Mario Kart.

Still in the early stages of development

Via account Twitter Officially, Lilith Walther as the owner of Studio FanSoftware announced that her newest game is called Bloodborne Kart. As the name suggests, this game is a Bloodborne game but with a Kart Racing-style formula.

Bloodborne Kart will be present as a spin-off from the previous game, Bloodborne PSX. In fact, he dared to assert that Bloodborne Kart was not just a joke game. Because he really meant to mix the game.

If you look at the released trailer, the game is indeed quite tempting for us to taste, this game appears with PS1 symmetrical visuals along with the Dark Gothic theme a la Bloodborne PS4.

FanSoftware confirmed that they have not been able to show the gameplay of the game. This is because the Bloodborne Kart is still in the early stages of development. However, they promised to provide updated information in the future.

Neither Sony nor FromSoftware have provided any response regarding the use of their IP. Hopefully this fan project can get permission from related parties.

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