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Bloober Team Denies Silent Hill Rumors

Not long ago a rumor has emerged saying that the Bloober Team will develop a new Silent Hill. This is known after learning that the developer with the ability to make this horror game is working with Konami.

As you know, Konami itself is the IP owner of Silent Hill. However, until now they are still not interested in presenting the latest entry from the horror franchise since it was abandoned by Hideo Kojima.

Bloober Team doesn’t develop Silent Hill

Bloober Team Denies Silent Hill Rumors
Konami x Bloober Team | Hybrid

With this collaboration between Konami and the Bloober Team, many fans speculate that they will develop the latest Silent Hill. Instead of coming with good news, Bloober Team has now dismissed the news.

Even so, they confirmed that they will develop two new games besides Silent Hill. This is known through an interview with Tomasz Gawlikowski with IGN recently.

Develop two new games!

Bloober Team Denies Silent Hill Rumors
Silent Hill | Gamebrot

Through this interview, he said that they have several large-scale projects that they are working on. One project is already in the production stage while the other is still in the pre-production stage.

In fact, these two games will certainly be bigger than The Medium recently. Apart from that, you can now play The Medium on Xbox and PC. This one game will also go to PlayStation 5 in the near future.

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