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BioShock 4 Exclusive for PlayStation 5?

In 2007, BioShock was created for the first time and launched exclusively for the Xbox 360. But over time, the franchise has continued to spread its wings to be available on other platforms as well.

However, the latest rumors say that BioShock 4 will most likely be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5. It is quite surprising, but it is certainly not impossible to happen.

PlayStation 5 exclusive BioShock 4?

Moreover, BioShock has always been released exclusively with a predetermined time limit. This news itself comes from Xbox Age Podcasts recently. According to DualShockers, it is possible that the BioShock 4 will be exclusive to the PS5.

But again we need to remind that this is just a rumor at this time. There has been no confirmation from the developer or Sony itself. However, the Xbox Era has leaked some information in the past which is true.

Not confirmed yet!

Rumors of Bioshock 4 Exclusive to Playstation 5
BioShock 4 | Dexerto

If this news is true, it will certainly make most Xbox fans disappointed. Moreover, basically BioShock itself has been synonymous with Xbox fans since it was first launched.

But you don’t need to worry because information about BioShock 4 is still very minimal for now. The information we can know for now itself is that BioShock 4 is indeed being developed by Cloud Chamber Games.

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