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Biomutant Translucent 1 Million Coffee

Not long ago, after a long time Biomutant has finally been released for various platforms. The release of the game made by Experiment101 can be said to be quite smooth and received a positive response from fans.

This RPG game with a post-apocalyptic concept does offer something new in it. Where players will act as furries characters named stars. The previous Biomutant delay process made this game release without any problems.

Biomutant sales reach 1 million copies

Biomutant Translucent 1 Million Coffee
Biomutants | Jagatplay

We can predict great success in advance. Sure enough, the Experiment101 concoction game has now reached a new sales milestone. According to the financial report, Embracer Group as the publisher confirmed that Biomutant has crossed 1 million copies.

This number includes all platforms on which the game is available. In addition, it is known that Biomutant has now made a comeback in just one week after its release.

Experiment101’s first game

Biomutant Translucent 1 Million Coffee 1 1
Biomutants | IGN

This proves that the Embracer Group’s decision to acquire Experiment101 was the right one. Now all costs from development to marketing from Biomutant have returned and are starting to collect profits.

Biomutant is Experiment101’s first project. With this success, it’s certainly quite interesting to see what they will do next after the game. You can now play Biomutant on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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sources: Eurogamer

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