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Best Global Top Build Recommendations for Odette Hero in Mobile Legends Games

Odette is a hero with a role mage type in Mobile Legends with relatively large burst damage and good crowd control skills. However, you can only get this hero from the fragment store. So you have to collect every fragment through daily missions.

This hero is often used as a combo with Hero Tanks who have stun skills such as Johnson and Gatot Kaca. Using the ultimate skill and stun effect of the Hero tank can easily kill the enemy

For those of you who already have Hero Odette and want to try playing it, this time we will recommend the top global Odette builds that you can emulate. Here’s the explanation.

Build Odette global top

  1. Arcane Boots

Shoes are a mandatory item for all heroes, because buying this item will increase the movement speed of each hero. However, each shoe item has its own uniqueness.

In Build Odette, Arcane Boots are the right shoes, because they add 12 magical penetration. Arcane Boots Specifications:

  • Price: 690 gold
  • Minutes of purchase: early game
  • Pros: Increases magic attack and movement speed
  • Opponents: Heroes and Minions
  • Special effect: grants magic penetration
  1. Clock of Destiny

This item can provide additional magic power of 60, 615 HP Hero, 600 Mana Hero and passively add 30 HP Hero and 5 magic attacks every 30 seconds up to 10 times. This item is also useful for increasing durability and saving your mana usage.

Clock of Destiny Specifications:

  • Price: 1950 gold
  • Minutes of purchase: early game
  • Pros: Increases magic damage and durability
  • Opponent: Hero with low magic defense
  • Special effect: gives stack HP and magic attack
  1. Lightning Trucheon

Lightning Truncheon provides additional stats in the form of 75 magic power, 300 mana Hero, 10 percent cooldown reduction. This item has a passive; every 6 seconds, the next skill will be used to deal more damage to 3 enemies that scale with the hero’s mana. This item deserves to be combined with Odette’s skill to deal damage to many enemies.

Lightning Truncehon Specifications:

  • price: 2250 gold
  • Minutes of purchase: mid game
  • Benefits: Provides a 10 percent reduction in cooldown reduction and magic power
  • Opponent: The closest hero
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Special effect: resonate
  1. Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal items are needed for those of you who want to make Odette’s hero a core. The Holy Crystal gives a large amount of extra magic power which is 100 magic power. And it also increases magic attack by 21 to 35 percent (increases with level).

Holy Crystal Specifications:

  • Price: 2180 gold
  • Minutes of purchase: mid game
  • Advantage: grants enormous magic power
  • Opponents: Heroes and Minions
  • Special Effect: increase magic attack by 35 percent
  1. Divine Glaive

One of the best late game items for Odette, because the additional stats and effects given by this item are very good and suitable for fighting Hero tanks or fighters with strong defenses.

In addition to providing additional stat points, this one item also provides other effects that come from passive skills. The effect of this passive skill item is magical penetration of 40 percent to the hero, if the hero’s HP is 70 percent higher, the unique effect will increase by 30 percent.

This item is very useful to use when the opponent uses magic resist, because on this item you can attack the enemy and penetrate the enemy’s magic resist.

Divine Glaive Specifications:

  • Price: 1970 gold
  • Minutes of purchase: late game
  • Advantage: Gives 65 additional magic power
  • Opponent: Hero with high defense
  • Special effect: gives magical penetration of 35 percent
  1. Blood Wings

An important item for every Hero mage. Blood Wings has additional stats in the form of 150 magic power and 500 HP. With additional stats like that, your Hero can get sicker and also the thickness of your Hero’s blood

Blood Wings specifications:

  • Price: 3000 gold
  • Minutes of purchase: late game
  • Pros: Gives more magic power and very large HP
  • Opponents: All heroes
  • Special effect: get a shield equal to 200 percent magic power

Battle spell Odette Mobile Legends (flicker)

When using her ultimate skill, Odette will not be able to move, this is her weak point because the enemy can escape easily. But you can use the flicker spell to move places when you use the ultimate skill

Flicker is the most suitable spell for Odette to use, by combining Flicker with Odette’s skills you can easily enter the middle of battle and then use the ultimate skill to kill all enemies. Many players often get Savage when using the Flicker + Ultimate Odette combo.

Odette’s Emblem Mobile Legends

The best emblem for Hero Odette is the custom Mage emblem. With this emblem, Odette gets various magic attributes, additional movement, and additional magical penetration. At level 60, the emblem provides the following bonus effects:

  • Magic Penetration of 13.50
  • Magic Power of 17.00
  • 5% Cooldown Reduction
  • Spell Vamp 5%
  • Movement Speed ​​2%

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