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Best Free Fire Weapons to Win the Battle

As one of the most played games in the world, Garena Free Fire always makes fans gamers feel challenged. In addition to precise tactics and shrewdness in pressing the control button, choosing Free Fire Garena’s best weapons very important.

So, what weapons can you use when fighting against enemies in Garena Free Fire? In this review, you will get a complete guide regarding Free Fire’s best weapons. Don’t forget to study the level too damagerange, and other aspects of weapon selection to make it easier for you to dominate your enemies on the battlefield!

Types of Weapons Based on Battle Distance

Each player must choose the strongest weapon to be able to defeat the enemy in battle. However, Free Fire’s best weapons are not only judged by damage produced, but also seen from various attachments others in it. You have to know what types of weapons are most effective for use in close, medium, or long range combat. Check out the following review!

Best Weapons for Close Combat

best ar guns free fire

Close combat can be such a thrilling moment. When the atmosphere heats up and the enemy begins to swarm, be prepared to take up short-range weapons. Weapons short range it is designed to attack at close range with damage large and capable magazine storage. The MP40 is one of the best options with the P90 and SPAS12 in tow.

When you are attacked repeatedly, use a weapon that can provide protection as well damage continously. Some of the options include the katana, pans, and the beater baseball (bat).

Best Weapon for Long Range Combat

the best long range free fire weapon

One technique that you can use to master the game is the ability to attack using weapons with great accuracy from a distance. Attacking from afar is not only able to make the enemy ‘surprise’, but also gives you protection from harm. Long-range ammunition can produce damage tall. AWM is in the top spot while Kar98k and Dragunov follow behind as Free Fire’s best long-range weapon.

Best Weapon for Any Kind of Battle

Garena's best free fire weapon

Weapon type all-around has the ability to save you in various situations. These weapons are effective for both ranged and close combat. Process reload fast and large magazine size can cause damage from time to time. Some of the options you can choose are SKS, GROZA and M4A1. All three are reliable shooting machines.

Complete List of Free Fire Best Weapons

best gun free fire

To make it easier for you to choose weapons, see the complete guide to Free Fire weapons along with the following categories and advantages!

Sniper Rifles (SR)

  • Comparable to AWM efficiency, Kar98k can cause damage which is tall and has 8x the coverage.
  • Under Kar98k, AWM is able to deliver damage which is high even when wearing a level 2 vest for protection.
  • This weapon has firepower with bonus damage on vehicle and gloo wall.

Sub-Machine Guns (SMG)

  • Has the highest firepower in the SMG class. Very powerful and effective in close combat. Stable and have time reload fast.
  • This middle class weapon is the most popular in the SMG class. Its firepower is stable and suitable for use in medium-range combat.
  • Stronger in giving damage rather than the MP5. Its direct fire is effective at knocking down enemies from close range. Suitable for beginners.

In addition to the weapons above, in the SMG class there are still various other choices, such as the P90, VSS, CG15, and Thompson.

Assault Rifles (AR)

  • For mid-range combat, SCAR is very effective. Including Free Fire’s best AR weapons that offers damage height and recoil the good one.
  • AK is scared because damageits high. However, it takes serious skill to control it with recoil which is quite large.
  • Its high stability is suitable for use in long-range combat.

In addition to the three weapons above, several other options available are M14 (longest rifle in the AR class), M4A1, SKS, FAMAS, M60, Dragunov, XM8, Heat Gun, and AN94.

Shotgun (SG)

  • Own damage high for close combat. The slow rate of fire makes it unsuitable for use in long range combat.
  • This single fire rifle has damage high melee and reload reasonable.
  • This weapon is suitable as a secondary weapon to kill enemies quickly. Level damageit’s amazing too.
  • Twin-shot shotgun this can get you in kill count department because of its high ability to provide damage, especially at close range. Dear, reloadit’s fairly slow.

Handgun (HG)

  • This weapon is the best Free Fire pistol. Gun sidearm it has fashion full auto fire but with damage low. Handgun it has a large clip size and is quite good during melee attacks.
  • Able to accommodate five bullets, this weapon is capable of shooting enemies from a distance.
  • Lightweight, does not interfere with movement during the game. Capable of carrying a lot of ammo per-clip with accurate fire.
  • Desert Eagles. Despite having reload slow, but high firepower. This gun is only available during Clash Squad.

Grenade Launchers

  • This high-tech grenade launcher can provide damage AOE and can force enemies out of hiding with his 40mm ammo. Ideal for long range combat.
  • Hand Cannon. This unique pistol with hand grenade ammunition is capable of delivering damage high with incredible accuracy.


The only weapon in its class, the Crossbow is capable of inflicting damage slowly. Able to penetrate any vest and helmet, leaving the enemy lying defenseless.


  • If you haven’t found a weapon, use this tool to bluff and attack the enemy.
  • This is the ultimate weapon to save yourself from enemy throws.
  • Has a longer range than a machete.
  • Although it can’t ward off bullets, it’s good enough to attack.


  • Able to destroy enemies and get them out of hiding.
  • A powerful tool to facilitate ambush and escape processes.


  • Landmine. Plant it in an unsuspecting place to trap the enemy.
  • Gloowall. Use it as a shelter or recuperate during battle.

That’s some Free Fire’s best weapons which you can use to win the battle. Get ready booyah!

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