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7 Free Fire Rankings You Should Know and How to Get It

In Free Fire, players are grouped by rank or rank. System Free Fire rank divided by season or season which usually lasts two months. When the season ends, the rank will be reset.

Why Tier Is Free Fire Rank Important?

ff rank level

Some people may just play games to fill their spare time. However, not a few people want to show their competitive side through the game. Then, what is the importance of the Free Fire tier rank for a player?

  • Show skills. To move up from one rank to the next, there are requirements. In order for the requirements to be met, you need to have skills qualified.
  • Like the school world, a rank is a class that a player progresses to. Beginner players must start from the most basic level then step by step move up to the next level.
  • Meet with opponents who have higher abilities. When your rank goes up, automatically your opponents also have higher abilities. In addition to fueling the spirit of competition, this tougher opponent can also be your place to learn new, more accurate fighting techniques.

Free Fire Rank Order List and Qualifications to Get It

free fire rank order

To be able to play the match and get Free Fire rank order, a player must reach at least level 5. After that, you must earn points by playing matches and completing missions. The number of points you will get is what determines FF rank level at a time rewards what will you get. FF rank order has seven levels, namely:


Bronze is the lowest rank you will get the first time you play. In order to advance to the next level, there are three stages that you must pass. The minimum score to move from this rank is 1,000-1,300.

Some pro players sometimes accidentally create a new account and start playing at Bronze level. Among other things, the aim is to GB char or be a jockey for someone else’s account. If at the change of season you are at this level, rewards which will be obtained in the form of 1000 gold (with additional token rank units, scanner unit, and supply units for Bronze category 2 and 3).


When you meet the promotion requirements, you will enter the Silver level. At this rank, the players who will be your opponents generally have higher abilities. In order to advance to a class, you must pass three stages with a minimum score of 1,301 to 1,600. If when the season changes you are at this level, you will get rewards in the form of 1,500 gold, token rank units, drop units, silver banner, units scanner, supplymap units, and bonfire. Additional reward types vary depending on Silver tier (1, 2 or 3).


If in the previous ranking you met Free Fire bots more often, at this level there are more real player-his. Their fighting abilities are quite capable and diverse. In order to advance from this level, you must pass through three stages with a score between 1,601-2,100. Rewards end season at this level it is 2,000 gold, token rank units, gold banner, map unit, supply units, up to clothes gold. For additional prizes, the types vary, depending on your Gold level.


At this level, many novice players are getting more and more reliable on the battlefield. Most of them have found their own playing style. In short, the fight will be more difficult and tense.

In order to move to the next level of Platinum rank, players must also pass three stages. The required score is 2.101-2600. Rewards when reset season in this class is 2500 gold with the addition of token rank units, supply units, until Gold Royale vouchers. Additional prizes are not obtained by all players in the Platinum class but are divided into four levels.


At this level, you will probably feel quite intense difficulty. Many players end up staying in this rank and find it difficult to move up. This is because the opponents on the battlefield are getting smarter and have better abilities. However, don’t make that an excuse to give up because after this rank, your steps to move up to the next level will be easier.

After passing through three stages and having a score between 2,601-3,200, get ready to move up to the next rank. If the time reset season your rank is Diamond, you are entitled to rewards in the form of 3,000 gold with various additional prizes. These additional prizes include: token rank unitscharacter fragment unit, bonfire, Gold Royale vouchers, and so forth.


This rank is an elite rank which is sometimes called Master. To get here, players must have a score of at least 3,201. Don’t be surprised because you might meet pro player and team esports Free Fire is just starting a career.

If you are at this level and there is a season reset, then you are entitled to various rewards i.e. 5,000 gold with additional 750 token rank units1 heroic banners, plus shirt heroic. If you play and get to this rank, you should be proud!


Grandmaster is highest rank FF. Players at this level came from the top 300 rankings of each country. Don’t be surprised if your opponents here may be professional players who are part of the team esports. At this level, when the season reset you will get rewards in the form of avatars and animations banners Grandmaster.

That’s the Free Fire rank level that you must know and qualify to be able to move up to the next rank. Come on push rank now so you can rewards what you want!

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