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Best Farming Place, Abundant Drops!

For players, especially MMORPG type gamers or known as Massively Multiplayer online Role Playing Gamers, the news of Black Desert Mobile which has been released globally and is now available in Indonesia, is ‘Greeting News’, especially for mobile players who have been waiting for their arrival. This game is in Indonesia.

If you are looking for tips and tricks about Black Desert Mobile to find the best and most profitable farming place, just brush it! in this article you can get and get it. And also this article will also tell you the best and profitable locations in the Black Desert Mobile game, where on this occasion you will get an abundance of Combat Power (CP) quite easily through several hidden locations.

By being able to find out the best locations for farming in this Black Desert Mobile game, you will get a lot of silver coins, rich and good loot results, there are also rare drops, and yellow or orange equipment that is highly coveted for players. Well, here is a recommendation from to find the best farming place that is very profitable in the BDM game to get silver coins every day.

  1. Nightmare Mode

If you are looking for a good loot drop, then this mode will not disappoint you. Before you go to this Nightmare Mode place, you need to remember that Black Spirit Mode will not work in this place. Here, of course, you can farm online or at bedtime. If you talk about the actual game play in this place, then you will also be able to kill mobs very easily. Also, if you still have 2,700 or more CP, you can very easily survive the horde of monsters in this place.

  1. Witch’s Chapel

This is one of the best places too where you can get and collect silver and also do farming in the Black Desert Mobile game. The number one advantage of this place is that this place provides 100 medium potions with a total value of around 50 thousand silver, and also by using this you can use Black Spirit Mode for about 3 hours.

  1. Cron Castle Patrol Route

And lastly if you think that you are always lucky, then this place is perfect for you. You can test your luck in the Cron Castle Patrol Route mode to find extraordinary rare loots such as yellow, orange, red equipment, and also some rare gloves. with recommended CP from each location. In addition, this location sucks more potions than any other place before, 2 hours of online farming on the Cron Castle Patrol Route will require more than 500 medium pots.

So, there are quite a few choices of the best places for you to be able to farm in the Black Desert Mobile game, which area is your favorite choice? Don’t forget to wait for other latest news from

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