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Before the Duel, Get to Know Mobile Legends Equipment and its Items and Functions

When competing with opposing players, Mobile Legends equipment is an important thing that should not be missed. Equipment consists of various items whose function and strength may vary. Every items or equipment what you choose will determine how strong your hero is in attacking or resisting attacks. Come on, find out more about ML equipment and its functions during the match!

What is Mobile Legends Equipment?

what is mobile legends equipment

In the world of Mobile Legends, equipment is the main equipment that the hero wears during the match. To get Mobile Legends equipmentyou have to buy it using gold earned during the game.

During a duel, one hero can only use a maximum of six different items. So, you must first know the hero character used in order to choose the best equipment. The selected equipment item will increase stats while making your hero stronger to face opponents.

On updates the latest in May 2022, there is an additional feature called Mobile Legends equipment book. Well, this feature is specially designed so that players can see a list of Equipment and Builds directly, from prices to item combinations for each category. You can also take advantage of this feature to learn more about the equipment needed before facing your opponent.

Mobile Legends Equipment Category

mobile legends equipment category

Initially, Mobile Legends equipment divided into five categories with different functions. However, in the middle of 2022, there was also the addition of the latest equipment category, namely roaming equipment.

The following is an explanation for each category of equipment along with their functions and a list of items that you can use.

1. Attack Equipment

As the name suggests, the main function of Attack equipment is to support attacks on the opponent in order to reach a critical point. When used, this equipment will increase Attack Speed, Critical Chanceand Physical Attack your hero of choice. The type of hero who uses the Attack equipment the most is the hero Assassin, Marksmanand Fighter.

There are 16 items to choose from in the Attack equipment category. Some of the most frequently used options are Berserker’s Fury, Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, Golden Staff, Hass’s Clawsand Windtalker.

2. Magic Equipment

Magic is equipment used by heroes with roles mage and support. The use of this equipment can increase Magical Lifesteal and Magic Power which is quite useful for creating damage on the opponent. Every hero mage those who use magic equipment will also get additional stats with varying amounts.

In the Equipment Magic category, there are 14 Mobile Legend equipment items which you can use. Some of them are Calamity Reaper, Enchanted Talisman, Feather of Heaven, Holy Crystaland Ice Queen Wand.

3. Defense Equipment

Because it functions as a defense, the defense equipment used by your hero will provide a large HP stat as well as different physical and magical defenses according to the opponent you are facing.

In Equipment Defense, there are 13 items to choose from, such as Athena’s Shield, Blade Armor, Cursed Helmet, Twilight Armorand Wings of the Apocalypse Queen.

4. Equipment Movement

When using Movement equipment, your hero will get extra speed thus speeding up the path and movement. This equipment is suitable for use at the beginning of the game because the price is relatively cheaper than other categories.

Items Mobile Legends equipment which are included in the Movement category are eight, namely Arcane Boots, Demon Shoes, Magic Shoes, Rapid Boots, Swift Boots, Tough Boots, Warrior Bootsand Boot Wizard.

5. Jungle Equipment

Equipment Jungle contains the equipment you need to farming or kill forest monsters. When used, this equipment will increase the level damage so that monsters can be defeated faster.

There are only three items that fall into the Jungle category, namely Beast Killer, Raptor Macheteand Star Shard. Usually, these items are used early in the game. However, if your hero is strong enough to farm without the help of Jungle equipment, you can resell the selected item.

6. Roaming Equipment

Roaming is the newest equipment category from Mobile Legend. Items in this category are often used together with Jungle items to increase hero strength when farming. Its function is to help heroes whose Farm Gold and EXP are still low.

There are five items Mobile Legend roaming equipment which you can choose: Iron Mask, Wooden Mask, Awe Mask, Courage Maskand Shadow Mask. All items have two unique passives, namely Devotion which will add EXP and Gold every 5 seconds as well Thriving which increases the player’s EXP and Gold position in the team.

Tips for Choosing the Right Equipment and Items During a Duel

tips for choosing the right equipment and items during a duel

In order to achieve maximum results during a duel, you must be smart in choosing items and Mobile Legends equipment right. You can follow some of the following tips:

· Learn first the unique and passive effects of each item

In addition to providing additional stats and strength for heroes, all items also have their own unique and passive effects. Well, this must be studied first before you buy an item to use. That way, you can improve the performance of the hero in the arena of competition.

· Customize with the hero you are using

Recognizing the character and strength of your hero is equally important. The function of the selected item must be able to increase the hero’s ability, not the other way around. So, if you use a Marksman type hero, choose an item that has physical damage high so that your hero can fight optimally.

Start with small equipment

Not a few players who immediately buy good items at high prices. In fact, even small derived items can actually be useful during matches. If you immediately buy the main item without thinking about the derivative, your hero can be like a knight without weapons and armor; his strength when competing will not be as optimal as you imagine.

· Use equipment flexibly

When competing, you often have to replace the set of items that the hero has previously used. This is actually okay because you also have to be flexible and adapt to the conditions in the competition arena. If your hero has used Jungle equipment but the forest monsters have been cleared, don’t hesitate to immediately use new, more effective items.

That’s the explanation of the category Mobile Legends equipment along with the functions and items you should know. Because items and equipment have a big influence in the match, you should understand every use and benefit for the hero you use. That way, you can develop the best strategy when dueling against your opponent.

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