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Become Human will be a Dev Full Indie

Quantic Dreams, a French developer who is famous for his games like Detroit: Become Human, heavy rain, until Beyond: Two Souls. After parting ways with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Dev Quantic Dreams has announced the next big step in the video game industry.

Now, they will start releasing several games that were previously exclusive on Playstation to multi-platform. Last year, the release of Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls was available on the Epic Games Store.

through blog post. They stated that Quantic Dream will be a full indie developer who will release their own game. They will be able to manage the game’s opportunities and technology in the future. This also provides an opportunity for them to give their support to the developers who are working so that they can pour all their talents into the games they are working on.

In other words, Quantic Dream wants to support the creators of its projects and help them to achieve their vision and offer their fans an extraordinary quality and gaming experience.

This new venture will allow us to make decisions in total independence, and to address the technological and strategic opportunities of next-generation platforms. It will also allow us to help other developers, by providing investment and development support, so that they can fully express their talents. We want to support creators of original projects and help them, in turn, to achieve their vision and offer quality, ground-breaking experiences.

Indie in other words Independent, Quantic Dreams will certainly become an Independent Studio after parting ways with Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is also because of a controversy and the presence of NetEase Games who bought a little of their shares.

Until now, Quantic Dream has not announced anything regarding their new game title. But don’t worry, of course there is something that will be a surprise from the CEO and Founder of Quantic Dreams, David Cage promised in 2022. We’ll just have to wait!

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