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Battle for Atlas for Xbox One!

Ubisoft is releasing the open world space game Starlink: Battle for Atlas for Xbox One

As long as the CO-VID19 pandemic is still ongoing, people are required to stay at home until things get better. Therefore, many publishers are free of charge games for you to play and try to reduce the boredom. One of them is Ubisoft.

Through its press release, Ubisoft announce that his space open-world game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas Digital Edition it is said that it can be played for free starting today until April 23.

However, as it is known that Ubisoft only makes it free on Xbox One and not on the Microsoft Store or Steam. So, for those of you who have PS4 consoles and PCs, it seems that you have to be disappointed.

For your information, the game Starlink: Battle for Atlas has been released on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One platforms on October 16 last.

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