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Based in Ukraine, STALKER 2 Game Studio Moves To Another Country

The Russian invasion of Ukraine had a considerable impact on the gaming industry. Especially developers based in these two countries. One of them is GSC Game World which is based in Ukraine.

Inevitably they had to stop the development of STALKER 2 for a while because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s not enough, now GSC Game World has been confirmed to be moving from Ukraine to another country.

GSC Game World moves to Czech Republic

Ukraine Based Game Studio Stalker 2 Moved To Another Country
GSC Game World | Twitter

They are known to be moving to their neighboring country – the Czech Republic. Apart from confirming the Czech Republic as their new home, there have been several such relocation deals.

Pavel Barak, Chairman of the Game Developers Association of the Czech Republic, said that GSC Game World had submitted a request regarding the relocation. Although they have paused development of STALKER 2 until the conflict is resolved.

Pause development of STALKER 2

Ukraine Based Game Studio Stalker 2 Moved To Another Country 1 1
GSC Game World | Wccftech

Still, GSC Game World wanted to make sure they had a safe place to continue development when it was time. Petr Kolar as Managing Director of Ashborne Games has also reportedly been contacted by GSC Game World regarding the relocation.

Jan Kavan from Czech Republic-based CBD Software also claims that he has briefed a GSC Game World representative on how to start a company in the Czech Republic.

Until now there has been no official announcement from GSC Game World itself regarding this relocation. However, the possibility of moving this studio is not only for some staff or employees, but for all of them.

With this, they can re-develop STALKER 2 safely and without anything to worry about. Hopefully the conflict between Russia and Ukraine ends soon and GSC Game World can return to their original home.

sources: VGC

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