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Banwave, Call of Duty Warzone Throws 90,000 Cheaters Together!

One of the most popular battle royale games today, Call of Duty: Warzone continues to develop innovative things to make the game even more exciting and comfortable to play.

Including one thing that was done by Raven Software, where they mass banned gamers in the game.

As announced by Raven Software, they have mass banned players who carry out illegal activities in the game.

The number of accounts that have been banned is also quite large, reaching 90 thousand players. This was also declared successful thanks to the help of anti-cheat software they developed, namely Ricochet Anti Cheat.

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Of course, this can be quite a challenging struggle for the developer where the number of illegal users in the game is almost 100 thousand players.

The presence of this anti-cheat is definitely very helpful for automatic detection of illegal users so that games can be played safely and comfortably and avoid players doing illegal things.


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