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Bang Bang Beta Introduces New Hero Julian in Patch 1.6.68 Games

Julian, Scarlet Raven, is the newest hero to join the list of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Advanced Server Beta Patch 1.6.68. This patch also introduces several improvements and optimizations to the custom game.

New Hero

Julian is a hybrid fighter-mage with powerful skills. Even though he doesn’t have an actual ultimate skill, other skills can be “upgraded”, which unlocks new effects and increases damage output.

Smith’s Legacy is Julian’s passive. After casting two different skills, the third skill will be upgraded. Using an upgraded skill puts all of his skills on a short cooldown. At this time, his basic attack becomes more powerful, dealing 75 (+100% Total Physical ATK) (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and also pulling the target towards him with every swing.

His first skill is called Scythe, where he throws a flying scythe at the target, dealing damage and slowing down enemies along the way. The enhanced version is where he throws two scythes that fly at a lower speed, continuously damaging enemies on the trajectory.

Sword, his second skill, was where Julian summoned a sword and used it to do a dashing attack, dealing damage along the way. The enhanced version was the same, although it summoned several flying swords and would disappear and become invincible for a short time when he moved forward.

Chain is his crowd control skill. Not only attacks the enemy but also immobilizes them after a short delay. When upgraded, the enemy will take damage and slow down. If the enemy is still in the area of ​​effect at the end of the skill duration, they will take damage and be airborne.

Due to his potential, Julian might get a nerf before he is on the live server. You can try it now for free.


New Features and Events

  • Added a new feature that allows you to send gifts in groups
  • You can now display the hero or skin of your choice on the Profile screen. Your favorite heroes and paths are also shown
  • You can now send Emotes after dying in a match

Creation Camp
New features

  • Rating System
    • You can like or dislike the gameplay at the end of each game
    • Excellent gameplay and hosts who have received a certain number of likes will be highlighted in the lobby list


  • Added Voice Chat support to lobby
  • You can now invite players to your lobby via
    WhatsApp or Line
  • Gameplay configuration and attribute adjustments are now displayed in matches

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.6.68 is available on Android and iOS.

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