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7 Strict and Most Powerful Ways to Get Lots of Diamonds on Hay Day

In playing the game Hay Day, players really need diamonds. Diamond is a form of currency in the game Hay Day. Which diamond we can use for various purposes. For example, to: speed up the development process in Hay Day, to buy land expansion items in the Hay Day game, to increase the capacity (slots) of production machines in the Hay Day game, and to purchase various other items.

In short, Hay Day gamers really need diamonds. So, what’s a powerful way to get lots of diamonds on Hay Day? Are there any tips and tricks that we can use to multiply Hay Day diamonds? Here are 7 more tips and tricks.

  1. Buy Diamonds/Top Up Game Hay Day

The first and most effective way, of course, is to directly buy a diamond package in the Hay Day game. This method is fairly certain and practical. Because there is no need to bother waiting or trying, you will immediately get diamonds. Of course there will be money you need to spend. Hay Day diamond prices also vary, depending on the number of diamonds you will buy.
buy diamonds hay day

To buy diamonds in the Hay Day game, you can use Google Play vouchers that you bought on UniPin. Meanwhile, if you play this game on your iPhone/iPad, you can top up the Hay Day game using an iTunes Gift Card/Apple Gift Card.

  1. Do a Prize Spin

In the game there are spin wheel of fortune. Through these items, you can spin to get random prizes. One of the prizes available is diamond. If you have good luck, you can collect diamonds little by little from this prize spin.

  1. Complete Missions and Achievements in Hay Day

The main solution to get diamonds regularly and definitely on Hay Day is to complete missions to complete achievements in the game. To see various game achievement targets, you can click on the farmhouse in the Hay Day game. There is a complete list of achievement targets that you must complete. If you successfully complete these targets, you will get a reward in the form of diamonds. Although the number is not always large, if you collect it, you can build a large diamond reserve.
complete the hay day mission

  1. Level Up Fast

Every time you successfully level up in the game, you will get a diamond prize. To be able to level up, you have to keep increasing the points experience (XP) in the game. You can collect XP points in various ways. From completing bespoke missions on Hay Day, shipping goods by ship, serving as many in-game buyers as possible, growing and harvesting farm produce, and doing all the activities that earn XP. The higher your level, the more points you will need to level up.

  1. Find Diamond Through Mystery Box (Random)

Again this also depends on luck. You can look for mystery boxes. Sometimes the box contains diamonds that you can get. To increase your chances of finding mystery/gift boxes, you can do the following activities. Frequently visit your game friends’ farms. Or visit other players’ farmhouses. In addition, frequently visit and access your city in the game.
explore hay day

When you’re lucky you’ll find a mystery box filled with gifts. There are times when you have to open the box using diamonds. But if you don’t want to take out diamonds, you can open mystery boxes that don’t need diamonds. Even if you don’t get diamonds, you will still get prizes. For example, you can get equipment for agriculture or goods for household needs upgradeagricultural land expansion.

  1. Mining Diamond Hay Day

When you reach level 24 or more, you will get access to be able to mine in the Hay Day game. Now through mining, you can get various items such as gold, coal, silver, and others. Including being able to mine diamonds. If you are lucky, you can get mining items in the form of diamonds.

  1. Login Daily

The 7th easy and simple way is to log in every day. By logging in and actively playing the game Hay Day, you will get daily prizes (daily rewards). The daily prizes are random, one of which can be a diamond.

No less important is to be wise in using diamonds. If you can save and use diamonds wisely, you can maximize these diamonds to help you level up and have a large farmland, and even become rich in the Hay Day game.

Those are tips and tricks that can be used. If you want to do top up games in a practical and easy way, make sure you also rely on UniPin. For more details, please visit the website directly.

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