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Bad News, Crossfire Server Korea will be closing soon

Bad News, Crossfire Server Korea will be Closing Soon. Maybe some of you still remember or maybe you are still playing the game Crossfire. This busy FPS game at that time was side by side with popular FPS games such as Point Blank or CSO.

The Indonesian server itself has stopped operating since 2022 and is back with the title Crossfire Next Generation. However, in their home country, South Korea, the Crossfire server is still operating today.

Unfortunately in Korea itself in the near future the Crossfire server will also be closed. Crossfire itself was originally released by the publisher Neowis until 2022 was taken over by Smilegate. This game is actually quite successful to bring Smilegate, which was initially on the verge of bankruptcy, to success again. Even the founder Kwon Hyuk-bin managed to enter the row of the richest people in the order of 8 version Forbes.

Smilegate may take steps to close Korean servers so that it can focus more on working on spinoffs from Crossfire, such as CrossfireX for the Xbox One console and Crossfire ZERO which are currently in the pre-registration stage.

The South Korean Crossfire server closure is scheduled to fall on March 3, 2022.

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