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Avoid Game Addiction, Japan Will Immediately Implement Game Time Restriction Rules

It seems that the Japanese government is looking for ways to avoid the effects of video game addiction that is currently being experienced by children in Japan, previously China has also enacted rules to prohibit minors from playing video games for a long time.

Well, reportedly recently the Japanese government has passed a rule where children aged 17 years and under who are mainly still students are only allowed to play games for 1 hour per day (for weekdays) and 90 minutes per day for days. week.

Japanese Children playing video games
Japanese kids playing video games via

Not even just to play games, they are also not allowed to use their smartphones after 10 pm. Of course, this makes children in Japan more disciplined and not addicted to playing games.

Unfortunately, this implementation is known to be left to parents only. So this certainly raises the pros and cons of other members of parliament because it was ratified unilaterally.

Well, luckily the application of these rules is still applied to children in Kagawa Prefecture only. It is said that this regulation is planned to take effect from April 1, 2022. According to GameZeRO friends, does this rule need to be enforced in Indonesia as well in order to reduce addiction to playing video games for children?

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