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Due to CO-VID19, Football Manager 2022 is Now Free on Steam!

Football Manager 2020 is free on Steam

Because many people are starting to stay at home to isolate themselves from school to work from home because of the corona virus pandemic, Developer Sports Interactive and publisher SEGA are free to play the football manager simulation game or Football Manager 2022 to play.

However, the time limit for playing the game is known to be valid only for a week. Valid until March 25 at no charge.

“Sports Interactive and SEGA Europe are pleased to announce that Football Manager 2022 is free on Steam for the following week, starting today at 3:00pm (GMT) and ending at 3:00pm (GMT) on Wednesday 25 March.” said the official statement by Sports Interactive and SEGA Europe Ltd. Sega.

“If you already have a Steam account, you can get access to these games easily. All you have to do is visit the Football Manager 2022 page and hit the download button. The game will move to your library and will be fully played until the free week ends.”

“This free access is only valid for PC/Mac games (on Steam) and it will only be free to play until the week ends,” the announcement concluded.

After the deadline for the game ends, you can continue the game by buying the Football Manager 2022 game on Steam for RP 450 thousand.

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