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Apex Legend Mobile, Download Links and Latest Specifications!

Apex Legends is a battle royal game based on Respawn whose name is quite popular in the last few years, has finally officially released its Mobile version in Indonesia after several delays.

Unlike the other versions, Apex Legends Mobile uses Unreal Engine 4 which was made by developers from China, namely Lightspeed and Quantum Studio which are part of Tencent.

Soft-Launch Release

Keep in mind that the release of Apex Legends Mobile is still a solf-lunch, which means it is still in the trial phase and is only available in a few countries including Indonesia which will later be developed to be even better.

All the progress you make will be reset after the soft-launch ends, however, all the rewards that you have previously received will still be able to be saved after the game is ready to be released in full.

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There’s still no word on when this soft-lauch will end but, it has been confirmed that the game will be fully released in the summer of 2022.

Required Smartphone Specifications

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