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Anti Worm Gaming! Tips to Get Rid of Recoil PUBG MOBILE

Who is not annoyed to see players who are prone in the final circle, players who use strategies like this are often known as “gaming worms”. Usually, gaming worm players use this strategy when they are in unfavorable conditions, either outnumbered or in the middle of the circle.

Worse, only with gaming worms can you survive in a high position, because the support of the bushes is so dense. But what’s the fun of playing game worms, if you can play rush and kill all the enemies that are in front of your eyes. Here we will provide tips on setting the recoil control on the PUBG MOBILE so that you can play aggressively without having to use a gaming worm strategy.

Recoil Understanding?

Weapons with superpowers usually have very high recoil, besides that, weapons with high fire rates are also more difficult to control because each shot gives a gunshot that makes the weapon’s head point to another position.

Stability also affects the recoil height, therefore shooting while walking makes it more difficult for us to aim the weapon at the enemy. Standing still, squatting, and prone have different stability, therefore shooting in these conditions is easier than while walking.

The higher the scope used, the higher the recoil you feel when shooting. Therefore, professional players are usually able to control 4x Scope or 6x Scope controls.

Using 3 or 4 Fingers

Indeed, only using 2 fingers is not wrong, but being able to use 3 to 4 fingers will increase the mobility of your game to the next level. Each finger has a different task: Gesture control, View Camera, Peek & Fire, and Shooting.

Peek & Fire

When you shoot in ADS mode the weapon’s recoil will be vertical, but if you activate the Peek & Fire option in the settings, it will reduce recoil due to your position. If you notice, pro players often use peek to make it difficult for the enemy to aim for the head and give the enemy a few targets when behind trees or rocks.

Bullet Drop

The fall of the bullet will be different if the distance of the targeted enemy is very far, therefore often practicing in “training” mode will really help you feel the point of the bullet falling.


Try to set the sensitivity of any scope you want to use. The higher the scope used, the smaller the sensitivity required. Usually, Android users use the default “low” and then adjust the sensitivity again as desired.

Sensitivity will be very useful for adjusting recoil, because to be able to control recoil you have to point the weapon in the opposite direction to the recoil of the weapon (usually by pulling the weapon downwards with your right hand).

Those are some tips to reduce the use of gaming worms and improve your recoil control. If you have other suggestions, please write them down in the comments column below!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is not a game battle royale first but widely cited as the game that defines the genre. In early 2022, Tencent Games introduced the mobile version of PUBG which was developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio so that gamers can play on Android and iOS. PUBG MOBILE played by gamers around the world and has penetrated 200 million downloads. Writer. Riza Kurniawan

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