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Amazon Game Studios Head Officially Resigns

Mike Farizzini, Head of Amazon Game Studios has officially resigned from the company. According to reports from BloombergFarizzini had told employees at Amazon that he was leaving to focus on his family.

It is known that Farizzini has been a leader in Amazon’s gaming business since 2009. He chose to leave the company after being together 18 years. Starting from the product manager to the Vice President of Amazon Games.

Mike Farizzini leaves Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios Head Officially Resigns
Mike Farizzini | Amazon

Farizzini’s overall story at Amazon Game Studios is one of the longest lasting successes. The company has just scored two significant successes in the last six months with New World and Lost Ark this year.

However, prior to the success they achieved in the last 6 months, Amazon Game Studios had failed time and time again. Many of Amazon’s game development problems occurred while under Farizzini’s leadership.

Together with Amazon for 18 years

Amazon Game Studios Head Officially Resigns 1 1
New World | Amazon

Farizzini indeed recruits anyone who is talented in the gaming industry. However, he still failed to create the desired success so far. We all know, Amazon Games nowadays can make any game they want.

However, only a few names really work like New World and Lost Ark. Farizzini has not completely left the company, and will remain in his position for several weeks of the transition.

Amazon Games is very grateful to Mike Farizzini for contributing so far and wishes him the best.

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