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Alucard Mobile Legends, Tough Fighter/Assassin for Beginner Players

Alucard Mobile Legend is one of the hero which is fairly easy to use, even for beginners. Nevertheless, hero it is provided by a series of skills and abilities lifesteal and physical damage which can threaten hero from the opposing team. Come on, get to know more with hero nicknamed this Demon Hunter!

Getting to Know the Story and Characteristics of Alucard, The Demon Hunter

get to know the story and characteristics of alucard the demon hunter

Appearing with pale blonde hair and blue eyes, Alucard Mobile Legends known as hero charming and attractive. Not only that, he also has the ability to attack, ambush, and steal enemy blood to defend his own life.

However, behind the characteristics good looking and the formidable abilities he has, Alucard turns out to have a pretty sad story. When he was a teenager, Alucard had to lose the figure of his father who died in a fight in his native territory, the Moniyan Kingdom. Things are even worse for teenage Alucard when his dead father is branded a rebel instead of a hero.

Alucard then learns to be a fighter at Monastery of Light. It is here that he meets Tigreal and begins to find out the truth behind his father’s death. He discovered the fact that it was the royal fighters who actually betrayed his father.

Unfortunately for Alucard, he was never able to get justice where he came from. This makes him determined to fight Moniyan and fight in his own way.

Interesting Facts about Alucard

interesting facts about alucard

Besides having a complicated background, Alucard Mobile Legend also has a number of other interesting facts:

  • The character Alucard is based on the vampire character in the fictional story named Count Alucard. He is also often associated with the character Dracula—his name is even the opposite of the popular vampire. Because of that, he had some characteristics similar to Dracula; pale skin viscount is one of them.
  • When Mobile Legends was first released, Alucard would be named Dante, referring to the protagonist in the series Devil May Cry. However, the name was later changed to Alucard to avoid copyright conflicts.
  • Alucard is hero Mobile Legends that have skin at most, for a total of 8 skin plus 1 skin

Skills Alucard

alucard skills

Despite acting as fighter and assassin at a time, Alucard Mobile Legend still be hero which is fairly tough because it is equipped with a number of skills following:

  • Pursuit (Skills Passive): Skills which is useful in chasing and attacking enemies. With skills this, Alucard can do charge or teleport on the enemy with levels damage which varies.
  • Ground splitter (Skills 1): Produce physical damage of 240 (+160%) which number will continue to increase with each level. Besides being able to be used to ambush and avoid opponents, Groudsplitter also useful for jumping over walls in the battle arena.
  • Whirling Smash (Skills 2): Source damage Main Alucard with physical damage by 230 (+140%). Skills this can also cause cooldown for 5 seconds.
  • Fission Wave (Ultimate Skills): Skills Alucard’s highest that allowed him to earn lifesteal by 20% while locking the opponent’s movement. Skills it also gives an attack power of 440 (+220%).

Recommendation Build for Alucard

build recommendation for alucard

For players among tier low, Alucard is still a hero reliable. Besides being easy to use, it is capable of producing damage big enough with level lifesteal which tends to be higher than hero another beginner.

Alucard’s ability to help you fight against the opposing team doesn’t stop there. You can upgrade skills which he has by compiling build Alucard Mobile Legend best. Here are the recommendations.

· Warrior Boots

Warrior Boots is items most suitable shoes for Alucard. When worn at the start of the gameitems it will improve movement the hero so that roaming and farming can also be done more easily. Besides that, Warrior Boots can increase Alucard’s defense when attacked by enemies.

· Endless Battle

Included in gear The latest Alucard Mobile Legend, Endless Battle will improve max HP, movement speedand cooldown reduction. Not left behind, physical attack and life steal Alucard and basic attack in skills passive will also increase.

· Blade of Despair

Want to increase the level physical attack Alucard? Just wear it Blade of Despair. Items it will automatically add physical attack as much as 170 points. If Alucard attacks hero opponent whose HP is below 50%, he will get extra physical attack by 25%.

· Berserker’s Fury

Berserker’s Fury is one of the items The latest Alucard Mobile Legend suitable for use by fighter heroes. When used, items it gives extra physical attack, critical damageand critical chance at a time.

· Queen’s Wing

Alucard’s passive effect can be increased by using Queen’s Wing. When Alucard uses it, he can get an additional 30% life steal what makes hero fighter/assassin it’s harder to kill.

· Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom is actually build optional for Alucard. However, you can use it if you want to improve physical attack, critical chance, and attack speed the hero. Besides Scarlet Phantom, items others like Immortality can also be used build an equally powerful alternative.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alucard

alucard advantages and disadvantages

When used as hero fighter/assassin in team, Alucard Mobile Legend has a number of advantages as follows:

  • Despite having two role all at once, Alucard could be hero who excels in the role fighter nor assassin.
  • His fighting ability is fairly tough for its size hero which is often used by novice players.
  • If you manage to open ultimate skills his, Alucard can create lifesteal tall one.
  • Skills Alucard’s passive is fairly effective when used to chase enemies.
  • Alucard has the ability to maintain HP while doing killing streaks against the enemy.
  • Hero Assassin from the enemy team it will be difficult to kill Alucard.

However, behind this series of advantages, Alucard also has a number of shortcomings when fighting. Here are some of them:

  • Countless hero weak in the early game.
  • In the team, Alucard will usually act as the first striker. This makes his position quite threatened by the enemy team.
  • Even though Alucard is hard to beat assassin from the opposing team, hero with role marksman will focus on attacking him during the fight.
  • Alucard is not too strong to withstand the effects of CC.

That’s all about Alucard Mobile Legend, hero with two roles at once that you can rely on when playing as a beginner. As hero Otherwise, Alucard will become a tougher fighter if you use items or arrange build in accordance with the skills hers. So, you should also recognize the abilities and characteristics hero This is so that he can provide maximum ability when fighting against opponents.

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