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All About Nana Mobile Legend, The Most Feared Cute Character

Build nana mobile legend and how to use it, of course, many people are curious. The game which is often referred to as ML Bang Bang has a supporting hero figure for the disabler. You definitely know that if a mobile legend player is not an amateur anymore, this Nana hero is already equipped with a disable at once.

Getting to Know the Character Nana MLBB

nana skin

Nana is one of the support heroes who is the mainstay of mobile legends players. Even though she is often considered a toxic hero, it turns out that this Nana is indeed the hero of RRQ Lemon in various major Mobile Legends tournaments. Must be used properly to be able to get damage big and crowd control the best when it comes to controlling this Nana. In team matches, Nana mobile legends known to be so helpful to teams with various special abilities.

This Nana lives in a magical forest called Magic Forest and is known as a little elf with Elf paint which did arise naturally due to the existence of a very strong magic ability and very difficult to control. When dealing with Nana, you have to be very careful, because her extraordinary power goes out of control and can destroy anything around her.

By the time the magic comes out, build Nana mobile legends was in an unconscious state until the ability to control his power disappeared. Nana inside games is also known to have an effect skills which is very large and has a great impact on the enemy. This Nana can also turn enemies into puppets that can make it difficult for opponents to move so Nana can attack repeatedly.

Although Nana on mobile legends like a weak hero it’s still rare for people to use it in battle rank modebut if you use this hero more carefully and choose to use build the most appropriate Nana can be so relied upon to be able to pave the way war and also protect team while attacking his opponent.

How to use Nana Mobile Legend powerfully

nana skills

Often times, several teams think of Nana as a burden hero and trash. Therefore, here are some tips to make your team more proud of the Nana + Support hero you want:

1. Level Up

As fast as possible you have to try to raise the level by killing the minions continuously never miss the minions to hunt buf, This minion will be more effective and faster in leveling up compared to buf.

At a low level, try to play solo to level up the hero faster, by using Nana’s mainstay stance even though it is still the same – at this small level it is difficult to kill, you should dare to play solo or alone.

2. Choose the Right Friends

Between team You must have the most appropriate hero friend, what is meant here is a hero who has the ability to attack quickly in this way when Nana locks the opponent, your friend can attack the opponent continuously. When the opponent runs away Nana can lock using her jutsu.

This is the most suitable hero to coexist with Nana, Ruby, Zilong, Mino or the like who have skills to attract the enemy.

3. Choose spill Most Precise

Choose spill the most appropriate because this Nana is quite slow so later you have to choose spill flickerby using this you can escape if later pressed by using teleportation at a certain distance in a specific direction for one second after teleporting will increase 6 – 20 physical defense and also magic defense.

4. Build The Most Precise

One of the advantages of this one hero is that it can be used as a Mage, if you later use build which Nana is indeed able to attack enemies quickly like other Mage heroes.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Nana in Mobile Legends

nana items

Although having a variety of mainstay moves can make him attack or inhibit and make his enemy into a puppet, of course, Nana’s hero also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Advantages

  • Can open the way war for our friends to make it easier to attack.
  • Has a more special stance.
  • Smart to escape.

2. Weaknesses

  • It is very easy to die when attacked by an opponent.
  • Hard to kill buffs.

Nana’s Most Feared Hero

Having skills and skills that other heroes don’t have in turning opponents into puppets, but you have to know that some of the heroes in mobile legends bang bang can easily beat the hero Nana mobile legends with just a few attacks.

However, there are several heroes that Nana can easily defeat, namely Assassin fanny and other characters, Marksman, Moscow and others. In addition, there are heroes that Nana is not afraid of, namely Mage: Gord and Fighter: Ruby.

Gear Build The Best and Most Powerful Nana

nana wallpaper

So that later you can get maximum battle results and Nana is not a burden, you must have build which must be really precise, this will later determine the defense and attack.

Number 1

Build who has magic in Mage and also build which is also used today. If you want to be Nana’s hero as a Mage then you have to try build the best.

Number 2

If you want to be Nana as a support hero whose job is to protect the team and do CC from a distance. But actually Nana is more appropriate when she becomes a Mage hero because every Nana skill has a relatively fast cooldown and is easy to spam.

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