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Alice Mobile Legend, Open War Mainstay Hero

Want to open war without fear of getting killed quickly in Mobile Legend? Of course you have to use the right hero. Recommendations can be used Alice Mobile Legend, a Mage-type hero with the ability to suck the blood of nearby opponents. Unfortunately, this beautiful hero is now a little forgotten, even though the strength he has is pretty cool.

Alice is a multifunctional hero because it can be used in positions offlaner. In fact, this one hero can be support best in mid lane. His mobility and abilities will make the match on lane of dawn feels easier. However, don’t think you can easily use Alice’s hero because the difficulty level is very high. Especially if you don’t take into account when this hero has to enter or leave the match area.

Alice is a Mage hero who has a myriad of advantages. It can hold up well when team fighthave crowd control and good mobility, and his level 1 ability can make it easy to escape from opponents. It is true, skills Alice’s possession could be very useful in both close and long range combat.

However, this Mage hero also has shortcomings like other Mobile Legend heroes. Alice can be very approachable when ultimate-it’s in phase cooldown. Not only that, there is a high risk that you have to face when using it ultimate skills Alice, especially if you don’t have a hero support reliable.

Alice Mobile Legend Emblems, Spells, Skills, and Counter Heroes

When using Alice’s hero for battle, you can use two types of emblems, namely custom mage set and common magic set. Both types Alice emblem you can use this when you have entered level 60. Emblem custom mage set will offer bonuses in the form of:

  • Additional abilities magic penetration as much as 13.50.
  • Addition magic power by 17.
  • Addition cooldown reduction by 5%.
  • Addition spell vamp as much as 5%.
  • Increase movement speed by 2%.

Meanwhile, using the emblem common magic set will offer bonuses such as the following:

  • Addition magic power as much as 14.
  • HP addition regen as many as 18.
  • Addition cooldown reduction as much as 2%.
  • Additional HP by 267.
  • Addition where by 180.

Then, spell Alice’s best what you can try is Vengeance and execute. Because of her role as a Mage hero, Alice will directly face enemy heroes on the front lines. Use Vengeance Spells would allow Alice to get damage enemies while regenerating HP up to 50%. Temporary spell execute can provide additional damage on the enemy who is true damage.

Well, now enter on skills owned by Alice. In general, Alice has a passive ability and level 1 which continues to increase until level 3. Each level can be said to have damage big for the opponent, here’s an explanation:

  • Passive Skill – Blood Ancestry. A Blood Orb will appear when an eliminated Minion is near Alice. It then absorbs orb and get an additional 10 max HP and recovery where as much as 50. After successfully absorbing 12 or 25 or 50 orbs, Alice will get extra cooldown reduction as much as 10% for every 15% shield. It also gains HP restoration permanently for every 40 movement speed.
  • Skill 1 – Flowing Blood. When using skills this, Alice Mobile Legend will fire blood stream to a predetermined target. This will give as much as 400 (+120% total magic power) magic damage on the opponent. Use again skills this first if you want to move directly to the location blood streams.
  • Skill 2 – Blood Awe. When Alice uses skills this, it gives as much as 270 (+90% total magic power) magic damage on the closest opponent. It will give effect immobilize on enemies for about 1.2 seconds. The enemy will experience slow as much as 70% about 0.8 seconds after
  • Skill 3 – Blood Ode. This level 3 ability makes Alice’s hero enter the mode blood drain. It will take 50 where for every 0.5 seconds. Skills this gives as much as 120 (+50% total magic power) magic damage on enemies in the closest distance. Besides that, skills it also helps restore his HP to 60 (+20% total magic power). This mode will end when Alice uses skills these 3 again or where it has run out.

How, skills Alice Mobile Legend is too sick, huh? However, you can use the following heroes to do counter against Alice. Anyone?

  • Eudora. Burst damage what this hero has is capable of turning off instant kill
  • Lunox has the ability to instantly kill heroes with just a few chaos assault hers. In fact, using Lunox could kill Alice quickly without giving her any chance of escape.
  • Similar to Eudora’s hero, Kagura’s hero also has burst damage high and can instantly kill Alice.
  • This hero can be said a bit underrated. In fact, the ability he has can overcome Alice very easily. This is because knock-up skills and rough waves which he has.
  • Hero Harley can avoid heroes Alice Mobile Legend easily so that it fits perfectly as a core The main. Harley can also easily do instant kill against Alice by using poker truck combos and deadly magic.
  • If you plan to use the Marksman hero in position jungler as opposed to hero Alice, consider using hero Granger. This Marksman Hero has range good, too burst damage who could overthrow Alice easily.
  • The Granger hero option, you can also use Broody’s hero to defeat Alice’s hero. You can use Broody for position jungler or gold laner. Hero Broody has skills solo dan instant to beat Alice.

That was information regarding the Alice Mobile Legend hero that can be your consideration when choosing a hero for you war. Interested in using Alice’s hero? You can buy directly with Diamonds at UniPin. Top up let’s go directly to be able to buy your flagship hero!

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