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Add Money, Rockstar Now Makes Premium Subscription Fees for GTA Online

It’s pretty scary to see the joke that Rockstar will continue to squeeze the profits out of GTA V has now finally come true. After just releasing GTA V and GTA online for next-gen consoles with minimal changes, Rockstar has now announced a new service, GTA+.

GTA+ itself is an exclusive subscription service for players on next-gen consoles. Through its official announcement, Rockstar announced that players who activate GTA + will later get various benefits.

Starting from money, property, discounts, to some exclusive gifts from Rockstar, players who already have the next-gen version of the GTA Online game can subscribe to this service for $5.99 or around Rp. 86 thousand per month.

Here are full details of what players who subscribe to GTA+ will get at its launch:

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  • Bonus money of GTA$500,000 which will be automatically credited to your Maze Bank account
  • Principe Devste Eight hyper car, complete with various upgrades that can be accessed in advance from common players
  • Auto Shop property located in La Mesa, which will provide new story missions from Los Santos Tuners
  • Membership LS Car Meet. For those who are already members will get GTA $ 50,000 as compensation
  • Yatch owners can upgrade to Aquarius Super Yatch for free
  • Brand new The Gussét Frog Tee and Broker Prolapse Basketball Top and Shorts that are instantly accessible from the wardrobe
  • Livery Conveyor for Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC and TM-02 Khanjali
  • Various free paints and emblems available in the Auto Shop
  • 3x GTA$ and RP for Hao’s Special World Race Series
  • 2X Car Meet Reputation in Street Race Series
  • Special GTA+ Shark Cards with bigger bonuses than regular players

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The GTA+ service itself will launch on March 29, with the above benefits for those who subscribe from March 29 to April 27.

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The presence of GTA+ will certainly provide more coffers from gamers playing on the next-gen platform and also make GTA Online (and of course GTA V) live longer.

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