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A Photographer Sues Capcom For Stealing Hundreds Of His Photos!

The accusations are now coming back to Capcom after they were recently accused of plagiarizing the monster designs in Resident Evil Village. Now the accusations have re-emerged and are related to the Resident Evil game.

Launching from polygona photographer named Judy A. Juracek accused Capcom of stealing hundreds of photos or his work for the purposes of Capcom’s game – Resident Evil 4. Unmitigated, the photographer took this matter to court.

Photographer sues Capcom!

A photographer sues Capcom for allegedly stealing hundreds of his photos for Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4 | IGN
A Photographer Sues Capcom For Accused Of Stealing Hundreds Of His Photos For Resident Evil 4!
Resident Evil 4 | IGN

According to Juracek’s confession, he said that many of the photos, designs and works he had collected into the book and CD-rom called “Surfaces” were used as assets by Capcom for their game Resident Evil 4.

Moreover, he has copyrighted the book and CD-rom from Juracek since 1996. Which Capcom never contacted him to ask for a license related to his work.

In fact, there are about 100 photos belonging to Juracek that Capcom used as assets from Resident Evil 4. One of these photos is an image of a broken glass which is identical to the logo of this survival-horror game.

The second photo itself is a door that he took in a luxury house in Newport. From the photo he provided, it seems that the photo is very similar to one of the assets in Resident Evil 4.

Furthermore, Juracek also emphasized that the luxury house no longer exists. Of course it was impossible for Capcom to take a sample of the image when the game was released.

Not only that, Juracek also strengthened the evidence by revealing about the hacker attack that Capcom got last year. This attack alone made hundreds or thousands of Capcom’s data leaked to the internet.

One of the leaked files has the same name as the one on his CD-rom. This file itself is named “ME009” and is indeed very similar to one of the assets that Resident Evil uses.

Because of this, the photographer sued Capcom with USD 12 million of copyright infringement along with an additional USD 2500 to USD 25000 for each photo that Capcom used.

Apart from all that, Capcom also confirmed this lawsuit. However, they are still reluctant to provide feedback regarding this issue. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

sources: IGN

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