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A Famous Brand That Promotes Its Products Through Video Games

I do. games have the ability to be a fairly effective means of selling and marketing. So, don’t be surprised if there are many brands famous for introducing and marketing their products through a game. Well, want to know what famous brands are present in the game? Let’s take a look at the list below.

1. Pepsiman – Pepsi (1999)

If you are old age kids, you definitely know this game. This silver blue human who kept running must be familiar. In this old school game, there are no specific special missions, and there are also no villains trying to kill him. How to play it, you just need to avoid the objects that are there so as not to hit you while running. This game is very popular on PS 1.

2. Sneak King – Burger King (2006)

Who doesn’t know Burger King, Burger King is a restaurant brand that is very well known throughout the world. The way this company promotes its products is quite unique, namely by making games.

This game is only released on Xbox 360 and presents a very simple gameplay. All you have to do is move the king to distribute burgers to people in need by sneaking around without being caught.

3. Spot Goes to Hollywood – 7 Up (1995)

7 UP is a coke brand, and it also promotes its products through video games. The game entitled Spot Goes to Hollywoodthis one game was developed by Eurocom and published by Acclaim Entertainment for Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis.

When we play this game, all we have to do is control the iconic character named Spot who is the mascot of 7 Up to free his friends in different places.

4. Darkened Skye – Skittles (2008)

Darkened Skye is a fruity sweet candy company game created by the Wrigley company. This game has an adventure theme and there is a rogue character who really needs this sweet candy for his magic mixture that will make him have various magical abilities.

5. Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest – Cheetos (1993)

So, judging from the characters, you already know what brand game this is, right? yup, this game is a brand from Cheetos, the snacks produced by Frito-Lay are indeed very popular all over the world until now. This is also inseparable from the collaboration between Frito-Lay and the developer and publisher Kaneko who released the game Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest for the 1993 Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In this game, you are tasked with finding 10 map pieces from Hip City by defeating or avoiding the enemies that exist in each of them stage.

6. Check Quest – Chex Mix (1996)

Chex Mix is ​​a brand of snack or cereal that is consumed as breakfast. This game has an FPS theme without any violence in it, because this game is specifically for children who play it.

7. Driver Simulator – Uber (2022)

Driver Simulator is an online transportation service themed game. This mobile game aims to be a means of recruiting Uber drivers before becoming members. In this game, you are required to take passengers to the destination address and make it comfortable.

Those are some games that promote their products by using video games. Pretty creative isn’t it?

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