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PlayStation Stops Advertising on Facebook

It must be admitted that Facebook is still a social media with a fairly busy number of user activities. This is also the reason many companies advertise their new products through the social media platform Facebook.

However, recently there were many parties who voiced their protest to Facebook due to the way they handled negative posts and so on. As we know, Facebook does seem to be less strict in handling negative posts that can cause harm to the party being attacked.

And reportedly, in order to support the protest against Facebook under the title #StopHateForProfit, PlayStation has now stopped advertising their products through the Facebook platform.

Sony did this as a form of boycott to reduce the spread of negative promotions that often spread on Facebook. Reportedly, PlayStation has stopped all forms of promotion, both paid and unpaid on the Facebook and Instagram platforms until the end of July. PlayStation is not alone, there are at least 500 more companies that took part in similar protests, including Microsoft.

Yes, let’s just pray that real action from many big companies like this can make Facebook even more assertive in the future in responding to negative posts.

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