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8 Strongest Point Blank Weapons You Must Have

When you enter the Point Blank battlefield, you must be prepared with a special strategy that can lead you to win the battle. However, what is a mature strategy without a capable weapon. Wrong choice point blank weapon, it’s not only your character’s life that is lost, but it also affects the game’s stats.

Just like other point blank-like games, for example PUBGM and Free Fire, Point Blank also has the best weapons. Each weapon item has its own characteristics and advantages. By knowing its characteristics, you can choose which Point Blank weapon is the best for your own version.

The Strongest Point Blank Weapon

Of the many weapons circulating among the Troopers, here he is Point Blank weapon 2022 most powerful version UniPin.

Shotgun M1887

strongest point blank weapon

Deserves the title as shotgun most powerful in PB. Speed reload M1887 is pretty much the same as a spade, but damage generated is higher and lighter. Animation reload also relatively fast. In fact, when reload you can cut it with a shot so that the weapon can immediately spit out bullets.

It should be noted, shotgun this one has full damage aka 100, but must be spread over multiple bullets. Then, potential one hit dead only appears if you are in the distance point blank M1887.

Tactilite T2 Fire Dragon

the best point blank weapon

Recoil The Tactilite T2 Fire Dragon looks more rugged, but it’s a weapon sniper sickest in existence today. Need to know, damage the one given to your status is quite large, which is 97, almost equivalent to shotgun. In a way, this weapon’s bullet just grazes will make the opponent die.

This weapon is arguably more agile than the Cheytac. The accuracy is indeed smaller, but as long as you have good aiming skills, that issue doesn’t matter. One thing is for sure, if you are good at using this weapon, your abilities are on par with pro players!

OA-93 Desert Hound

point blank weapon 2020

This one weapon turned out to be staying up as a favorite weapon gamer PB Zeppeto. Often used during matches, the OA-93 Desert Hound is a black and red long rifle. The advantages of this weapon are quite unique, namely recoil be calm. There are no unimportant waves that you usually find in other weapons.

Classed as a weapon Sub-Machine Guns, OA-93 Desert Hound already features fire speed. As you know, when fire speed combined with title fire speed will allow you to fire bullets almost without distance. between one bullet and the next. Imagine dual mode with damage great when it hits the enemy. Cool, right?

Snipper Riffle Cheytac-m200 Rustron

best point blank weapon

Fans sniper Must have Cheytac-m200 Rustron! Possibility one hit dead quite high with damage the big one. When players use title adequate and successful in hitting the target pin point, you can certainly generate more exp.

Superiority sniper this one lies in near-perfect shooting accuracy. One time scope definitely straight and on target. Very tempting right? However, the weight of the weapon is fairly heavy so the movement speed will slow down when carrying it.

Assault Rifle Aug A3 G/Rustron

ar point blank weapon

Coming in line Assault Rifles, This weapon has advantages over fire speed, accuracy, and damage which makes the opponent’s guts shrink. It’s natural that this Aug A3 G/Rustron is included in the list of popular rifles in our eyes Troopers.

Well, for those of you who want to do headshot, try laser mode. This mode has high accuracy for targeting targets. Perfect for launching headshot right into the opponent’s head. The lack of Aug A3 G/Rustron is actually in the recoil which is less than optimal. However, that can be masked by speed, accuracy, and damage outstanding.

P90 ext. Rustron

p90 rustron senjata

Search Sub-Machine Gun? Try taking P90 ext Rustron. This is one Sub-Machine Gun the one with the most bullets. Be equipped laser sights, this weapon can make it easier for a player to shoot his target. This combination can make you win easily when involved in a long battle.

P90 has damage which is quite high and fire speed which is equivalent to other similar weapons. If you compare it to dual mode OA and Kriss SV, P90 still lost in terms of how hard the bullets hit. So, when you meet your opponent with these two weapons, you have to be careful.

Kriss SV Obsidian

kris point blank

The best Point Blank weapon next carried by Kriss SV Obsidian. Although it looks small and light, this is the first weapon to use dual mode. You need to know, this weapon wasnerf because damage created is seen as unnatural.

However, this weapon is still worthy of being called a PB mainstay weapon. The advantage lies in recoil fire speed and high accuracy when aiming at the target. Similar to OA, but with damage smaller size and higher accuracy. No wonder Kriss SV is still in demand Troopers.


p90 mcg point blank

Sudden attacks are always lethal. If you agree with this statement, then you must pocket the P90 MCG This black and yellow weapon has silencer so it is suitable for use when trying to settle to target the opponent. Completeness laser dot sight present but carrying scope different.

Strength damage and fire speed owned makes it able to compete with other SMGs. Even though it’s entered as a beginner weapon because recoilis small, does not make it empty of fans. Even though there are not many bullets, the P90 MCG has range pinpoint further. Strong enough and powerful enough to bring opponents to their knees.

So, have you found Point Blank weapon favorite from the list The strongest Point Blank weapon on? Please note, some weapons underrated can be very strong when used in folder certain. So, recognizing the characteristics of the weapon, the best point blank character, and folder can help you choose the best weapon. Happy hunting mainstay weapon!

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